Prestige HD 7-Day Programmable ThermostatHoneywell-PrestigeIAQ

  • High-definition full-color display
  • Simple programming walks you through the set up process
  • Adjusts temperature from anywhere in the home (with Portable Comfort Control)


HD-7 Details

  • High-Definition, Full Color Display - Larger, full color display screen makes it easier to read
  • Temperature Control on Demand - Sense and make adjustments from anywhere in the home (with Portable Comfort Control)
  • All-In-One Control - Controls temperature and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ products) such as humidification and dehumidication from a single control in the living space
  • Outdoor Temperature/Humidity - When used with a Wireless Outdoor Sensor, the outdoor temperature and humidity can be displayed on Prestige to help you prepare for your day and save money
  • Interview-Based Programming - Walks you through a simple setup process to program your heating and cooling equipment run time
  • 7-Day Programming - Allows separate programming for each day
  • Simple Touchscreen Technology - No hidden doors or complex buttons
  • Tri-Lingual - Adjust settings to display in English, Spanish or French
  • Available in HD - High Definition (color) or SD- Standard Definition (black/white)
  • Model Numbers - YTHX9321R5003, YTHX9321R5012, YTHX9321R1000, YTHX9321R1011, THX9321R5000, THX9321R1008
  • Up to 5-Year Warranty (when registered)

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Honeywell Prestige in action


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