AC Maintenance and Tune Ups in Hoffman Estates, Elgin & Barrington, IL and the Surrounding Areas
Where Do I Go If I Want A Tune-Up For My AC?

When you need to have your AC Maintenance and Tune Ups in Hoffman Estates, Elgin & Barrington, IL done, having the phone number of a trusted family-owned company such as Compass Heating and Air Conditioning can make life easier. Our continued commitment to providing the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction separate us from the rest of the areas heating companies.

Veteran Owned Company
Compass Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to be a veteran-owned company operating under the belief that the better trained their technicians are the higher level of service they can provide which in part is why there is such a commitment to training at this company.
Fast, Reliable, and Trusted Service
No matter what brand or model of air conditioning equipment you have in your home the experts at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning are ready to provide service designed to exceed their customers’ expectations. Compass Heating is equipped with all the technical know-how, as well as years of experience and training, to get the job done faster and better than any other company in the area. They have committed to maintaining an inventory level that allows them to fix most systems on the very first visit with fast, reliable, and trusted service.
Premier HVAC Dealer
Compass Heating and Air Conditioning prides themselves on being the area’s premier HVAC dealer. Award-winning service and installations are the result of years of commitment to being the best. There is no need to take our word for the level of service we provide, please go ahead and check out our testimonial page to see what other people in your area are saying about how we performed at their home. You will begin to see a pattern of superior customer service paired with responsive service and fair pricing.
What to do When Your AC Needs a Tune Up

It is recommended by every manufacturer that your Air Conditioner should be cleaned and tuned up at least once every year. There are many reasons you would want to have it cleaned a second time in a season including after cottonwood season in Hoffman Estates and the Barrington Area. Cotton wood seeds fill up the outside of the air conditioner causing major efficiency loss and component failures. Those seeds have to be removed! If you have an old unit and you’re trying to make it through one more season, a clean and properly checked AC will work better, use less energy and have fewer breakdowns! If your AC units begins to make strange sounds or is running excessively these are signs that something has or is going wrong and if you see ice building up on the copper lines absolutely turn the unit off and call Compass Heating for service.

In other words, if your AC is failing to keep you cool on those hot summer days and nights, it’s time for a tune up. AC Maintenance and Tune Ups in Hoffman Estates, Elgin & Barrington, IL from Compass Heating and Air Conditioning is the solution.

At Compass Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand that often times an air conditioner tune- up might be the last thing on your mind at the end of a long day. Remember this, clean equipment will last longer, use less electricity and have few breakdowns. We are all about making your lives easier, which is the reason why we offer amazing promotions year round.

Maintenance Checks for a Flawless Operating AC System

Annual checkups help extend the life of your AC unit. Even if there seems to be nothing wrong with your unit, getting the maintenance done every year helps to keep the utility bills low and the unit running safely, reliably and efficiently. Something as simple as a dirty contactor can cause the unit to fail causing other electrical components inside the Air Conditioner to fail as well.

Having regular maintenance done helps to prevent a lot of trouble down the road. When it comes to AC Maintenance and Tune Ups in Hoffman Estates, Elgin & Barrington, IL, call the experts at Compass Heating and Conditioning for all your service needs. Leaving your system unchecked for long periods of time is never a good idea. Unless, of course, you “enjoy” dealing with unexpected breakdowns and repairs in the midst of boiling hot summer days.

AC Maintenance is Important for Home and Work Comfort
AC maintenance involves checking to see whether your AC is working as safely and efficiently as it can be. Are all the tubes free of debris, is the contactor clear of dirt and debris and of course is your Freon (refrigerant) level correct? Does the air blow out of the unit at the right temperature? Maintaining your AC will ensure that everything is in working order and all the nuts and bolts are in their proper place. Regular maintenance keeps the service calls at bay.
Creating an AC Tune Up Schedule
Creating an AC tune up schedule will depend on several different factors including but not limited to the age of your equipment. If you have a brand new AC unit, and it is in a cleaner outside environment you may not need to have the unit cleaned more than once per year. On the other hand, if your unit is plugged with cotton wood seeds (Common) in Illinois you will save more money by cleaning the unit a second time than leaving it as is and just running it. A dirty outside unit causes the system to run hotter and when motors run hot they have short life spans. Save those costly repairs by performing regular maintenance.

Obviously, a brand new AC is going to work well usually with very few breakdowns but neglect the maintenance of your unit and you’ll be paying for repair bills before you know it.

If you are moving into a new house with an old air conditioner, get a tune up immediately. Make sure when you need the unit to run it is ready to do its job. If you need a reputable company you can trust to maintain your household comfort system simply call our experts here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning.