Water Heater Repair, Installation, And Maintenance

We offer fast, expert water heater repair, installation, and maintenance services for Fox River Valley homes and businesses. Licensed technicians are trained and certified to work on all major brands including State and Navien. Whether your water heater is powered by natural gas, electric, solar, heat pump, or propane, we have the experience to get your hot water flowing fast. Call us at (630) 504-8688 or click below to set an appointment.

Instant Water Heaters

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Storage and Heat Pump Water Heaters

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Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Water Heater Repair Elgin IL

Water Heater Repair

Give us a call if you need water heater repair. We can diagnose and fix the problem, often on the same day. A small problem like the leak in the supply in this picture will only get worse with time. A small drip will eventually result in a catastrophic flood, damaging your home and the contents of the room. Call (630) 504-8688 or click the button below to set an appointment.

Five Signs Your Water Heater Is Damaged:

  1. Insufficient hot water or inconsistent water temperature
  2. Discolored or rusty hot water
  3. Unusual noises coming from the water heater
  4. Water pooling around the base of the unit
  5. Unpleasant odors around the water heater

Water Heater Installation

Compass Heating and Air has an excellent reputation for water heater installation and replacement done right the first time. We’ll help you find the perfect new system whether you need one right away or are looking for an energy efficiency upgrade. Call us at (630) 504-8688.

Five Signs It’s Time For a New Water Heater:

  1. Your water heater is over 8-12 years old
  2. Frequent repairs are needed
  3. The unit’s energy efficiency is poor
  4. The water heater can no longer meet your household’s hot water demands
  5. You’re experiencing frequent leaks or flooding

Types of Water Heaters We Offer

Instant Water Heater

One of our favorites, an instant hot water heater, also known as a tankless water heater or on-demand water heater, heats water as you need it. Available in sizes that will serve your whole home or individual sinks and showers, instant water heaters do not require a storage tank. In addition to the “endless” hot water they provide, an instant water heater will reduce the amount of energy and fossil fuel used to heat your water. We love them and your family will too!

Navien Instant Water Heater Elgin IL

Storage Water Heater

This type of water heater typically heats and stores 40 to 80 gallons of water. It consists of an insulated tank with a heating element or a burner, a thermostat to regulate the water temperature, and inlet/outlet pipes on top for water flow in and out.  When hot water is required anywhere in your home, it is drawn from the tank for use. People with large families know that a water heater like this can often leave the last one to shower feeling a little chilly.

Conventional Gas Water Heater Replacement Elgin IL

Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat pump water heaters are the most energy-efficient and use the principles of heat transfer. They extract heat from the air and transfer it to the water. The system consists of a compressor, evaporator, condenser, and a refrigerant. The refrigerant circulates and absorbs heat from the air, which causes it to evaporate. Then the heated vapor is condensed to transfer the heat to the water. This technology is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

Heat Pump Water Heater  Installation Elgin IL

Water Heater Maintenance Service

Water Heater Maintenance Elgin IL

Just as you regularly change the oil in your car, your water heater requires occasional maintenance. By properly maintaining your water heater, you’ll save money on energy costs, eliminate the need for emergency repairs, produce the maximum hot water, and get the maximum rated lifespan out of your water heater. Call us today at (630) 884-4201 or click the button below schedule your water heater maintenance.

Five Benefits Of Regular Water Heater Maintenance:

  1. Prolonged water heater lifespan
  2. Increased energy efficiency
  3. Lower utility bills
  4. Prevention of costly repairs or breakdowns
  5. Consistent and reliable hot water supply
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