Furnace Repair

If your furnace shows signs of a problem, please don’t let it become worse!

Warning signs your furnace is broken:

  • Your Carbon Monoxide detector keeps going off
  • Your home isn’t warm enough
  • Not enough warm air comes through the vents
  • Your energy bill suddenly goes up
  • You hear gurgling, squeaking, or banging noises

Call us if cold air is coming out of your vents when the furnace is running. While this may be a minor problem, it can lead to a cracked heat exchanger, which usually requires a furnace replacement.

Furnace Replacement

Your furnace should be serviced annually, just like your car.

As it becomes older, your furnace may require repairs, even if you’ve kept up with seasonal maintenance.

With the advances in home comfort technology, if your furnace is more than ten years old, you can improve your comfort while lowering your energy bills.

If you’re wondering how much longer your furnace will last, if you’ve seen your energy bills increase over time, if you want to explore your options, or need a new system right away, call us at (630) 504-8688, or click below to set an appointment online.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are the future of home comfort here in the Fox River Valley. A heat pump will heat and cool your home more comfortably for less money.

Advances in heat pump technology over the last decade have finally made them a viable home comfort technology for homes in our area. We live in Elgin and have a dual-fuel system that combines a gas furnace with ductless heat pumps that keep my home perfectly comfortable all year ’round.

My gas furnace came on about five times during an average winter and we were perfectly comfortable every day. Our system is paired with solar panels

Changing The Air Filter Is A Simple But Important Task

Furnace Maintenance in the Fox River Valley

Enroll in our maintenance program to save money on preventative service. When you pay a little every month for annual coverage, you’ll save money in the long run. You’ll also avoid common heating repair scams when you work with a trusted contractor that has a great reputation.

An annual check-and-clean offers many benefits, including:

  • Extends the life of your heating system
  • Makes your home more comfortable
  • Keeps your energy bill low.

Contact us to schedule service for your heater in the Fox River Valley.


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