Five Reasons to Get an Air Conditioner Tune-up This Spring

An annual tune-up for your air conditioner is a great way to keep your central cooling system running great all summer. It keeps you comfortable, lowers your energy bills, and brings you peace of mind.

So, why don’t more people do it?

Our theory is that most homeowners don’t know what it entails, so they don’t think they need it.

So, in this article, we’ll break down the genuine benefits that come with regular preventative maintenance.

To learn a little more, you can also check out our information on heater check-and-cleans. It’s a similar service, just for the furnace.

But for now, let’s get started on your AC.

Four Benefits of Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

  • Better Comfort
  • Less Chance of a Breakdown
  • Lower Electric Bills
  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality
  • Your System Lasts Longer

Better Comfort

The big thing you’ll notice is better comfort in your home. That’s especially if your AC is older, and it’s been a while since the last service.

Two common problems with central air over time: Weak airflow and short-cycling.

In other words, the system’s running but not giving you enough air. Or, it turns on and off quickly and never does the job.

Each of these problems deserves its own blog. But, in many cases, you can solve them with a tune-up.

Sometimes, the system needs a cleaning, or a few small replacements, to get things working right again.

Less Chance of a Breakdown

These and other problems may be symptoms of a larger issue. And, if left alone, they’ll eventually lead to your system breaking down.

Going back to that car metaphor: If your car suddenly had trouble starting, or the check engine light came on, you wouldn’t ignore it.

Instead, you’d take it into a shop before it stopped running altogether. Well, the same goes for your AC.

And, your central air is most likely to break down when it’s working its hardest: The hottest part of the summer when you need it the most.

Getting the system optimized before the warm weather hits heads off any problems before they occur.

Lower Electric Bills

If you’re still wondering whether it’s worth the money, consider the cash you’ll be saving all summer.

Part of the tune-up includes making sure the unit runs as efficiently as possible. The less energy it uses, the lower your energy bills in the summer.

And, if you’ve noticed the electric bill creeping up during the warm weather, this is a way to bring it back down.

And, again, if it’s been a while, a good cleaning can make a big difference. Remember, the key to it all is airflow. The more that’s preventing air from circulating, the harder the system works — and the more electricity it needs to do the job.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

We’ve talked about airflow and circulation a lot. And, we’ve stressed the importance of cleaning out the system. Both of these affect your indoor air quality.

It’s pretty simple: The system uses a forced-air process to circulate treated air all through the house. But what if there are dust, dirt, debris, allergens, and other pollutants somewhere in the system?

The answer: Those contaminants will spread through the house.

Now, this is a little more of a problem with furnaces versus cooling systems. In those cases, you have residue from combustion and carbon monoxide to worry about.

But, there’s still plenty to worry about with an AC. And, that’s especially if you haven’t changed the air filter in a while.

The air filter traps all sorts of debris, so it doesn’t keep circulating. But, eventually, it gets full and won’t hold anymore.

After that, you’re looking at all sorts of problems — and reduced air quality is among them.

So, at that point, just changing the filter won’t solve the problem. There are all those pollutants the filter did not trap. Now, they’re just sitting in the system.

Your System Lasts Longer

Finally, here’s a long-term benefit of regular preventive maintenance: Going a few extra years without buying a new cooling system.

All that TLC adds up to way less wear and tear on your system. And, when you’re not adding extra stress to all those moving parts, each component — and the system overall — will last much longer.

Regular Maintenance With a Service Contract

With a service contract, you’ll pay just a little each month — much less each time than the cost of the tune-up. In return, you get much more than just one visit a year.

The idea here is to get that much-needed regular maintenance painlessly built into your schedule and budget.

Every HVAC contractor has a slightly different contract. So, we’ll talk about the Maintenance Program we offer here at Compass Heating and Air.

First off, you get two tune-ups every year: One for the AC and a check-and-clean for your heating system.

On top of that, there’s no service charge, and you get a 10 percent discount on all repairs. Then there’s priority service, which is a significant advantage in the winter and summer.

But, back to your AC: The convenience factor comes with being a part of the program. Now, you don’t have to remember each spring to call and schedule your maintenance.

Once you’re in the system, we’ll reach out to you. And, since it’s included in the monthly program, there’s no extra money out of your pocket.

If you want to get your AC ready for spring or are interested in saving time and money all year, call or email us today at Compass Heating and Air.