Are Air Purifiers Worth It? Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in East Dundee, IL

If you suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma, COPD, or even seasonal allergies, COPD, or even seasonal allergies, it’s likely worth it to invest in an air purifier for your home. Even if you don’t have any significant health concerns, but want your home to feel cleaner or notice signs of indoor air quality problems, a purifier can help.

But, as simple as that answer sounds, there’s more to it than a simple yes or no.

Air purifiers range from small, inexpensive products you can pick up at a pharmacy to robust appliances that require professional installation.

In this article, we’ll help you choose the right one for your East Dundee, IL home. We’ll review how they work, the signs you may need one, and how to decide which kind is right for you.

There’s a lot of information to go through, and it’s impossible to cover everything in one post. If you have any questions or want to learn more about improving your indoor air quality in the Fox River Valley, call or email us here at Compass Heating and Air today.

Three Signs You Need an Air Purifier in East Dundee, IL

Does your home in East Dundee, IL need an air purifier?B]

  1. Three signs to watch for are:
  2. Allergy or Respiratory Problems Flare Up
  3. Excessive Dust or Pet Dander
  4. Bad or Strong Odors

We’ll take a quick look at each one

1. Allergy or Respiratory Problems Flare Up

We mentioned seasonal allergies, asthma, and COPD before. If you experience flare-ups at home, or if it’s worse in the house, an air purifier can help.

In many cases, the cause of a flare-up is pollutants you’re breathing in: Pollen, dirt, and dust. Eliminate these, and your symptoms should ease up.

2. Excessive Dust or Pet Dander

Furry pets make great friends but can also affect your indoor air quality. Their fur and dander — similar to human dandruff — gets everywhere. It can make it harder to breathe inside, especially in the winter and summer, when you keep your windows closed for the heat or AC.

Likewise, if you often see even thin layers of dust on furniture, an air purifier can help get rid of it. The more the machine sucks up, the less of it you have to clean. Then, the less there is to irritate you.

3. Strong or Bad Odors

A few decades ago, smoking indoors was widely accepted. Today, it’s not as widespread, but it still happens. And, even if you don’t smoke, there could still be third-hand smoke or residue from a previous owner who did. But, that’s not all: bathroom smells and even odors from cooking become volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that float through the air and affect your breathing. If you notice these at home, a purifier can help.

How Air Purifiers Work

Inexpensive air purifiers use a simple, passive filtration system to screen out contaminants in the air. More sophisticated models use ionization and other techniques to actively and aggressively clean your home.

Let’s start with off-the-shelf air purifiers that use filters. These work just like the air filter on your furnace: As air passes through the system, the screen catches dust, dirt, and other small contaminants.

This way, the air is much cleaner when it exits the appliance.

These models usually have much stronger filters than the average one-inch screen you buy for your HVAC system. That means they’ll catch even tinier particles, including dust mites, bacteria, and possibly even cigarette smoke and cooking odors.

That strength depends on the model you buy. Some also use charcoal-activated filters to catch even more particles.

Then, you get into more robust consumer products and the heavy-duty appliances that require professional installation.

We’ll use APCO as an example since we install many of these in Barrington, East Dundee, and other Fox River Valley towns.

That’s the name of the purifier, and it stands for “Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation.”

What the process boils down to is that it uses UV-C light to defuse and disintegrate bacteria, germs, VOCs and other pollutants.

You’ve probably heard that sunlight is an excellent disinfectant. That’s true, and these work along the same lines. The UV-C light literally scrambles the DNA of microorganisms so they can’t reproduce.

Meanwhile, the UV-C light also reacts with other elements to disintegrate those contaminants along with dust, dirt, and other non-organic contaminants.

You’ll see other products like this talk about ionization and other methods. They all boil down to the idea that these stronger purifiers actively work throughout your home and eliminate many more contaminants. Many times, you can feel the difference almost instantly.

Choose The Right One For Your Home

This is where things get a little subjective. It’s impossible for us to write one definitive article that can account for all factors in any one home. But, we’ll give you some ideas on how to start choosing the right one for your home.

First off, how big is your home? How many rooms do you have?

The more area you need to cover, the stronger your appliance has to be. The same goes for if you have an open floor plan or multiple rooms. Or, if one part of your house seems to need more treatment than others.

Consumer-grade air purifiers usually only work in one room at a time. So, if you have an apartment or condo or worry only about the bedroom in your home, you can get away with a small investment.

But, that changes when you have a larger home or walls breaking up the air circulation. At that point, and especially if you really want to make a big difference, it’s time to think about a whole-home solution.

What you want is something like APCO. It requires professional installation because it attaches directly to your heating and cooling system.

This way, it treats your entire house, just like your furnace or central air. And, you don’t need to worry about plugging it in or turning it on and off.

Just like you don’t manually switch your heater or AC on and off all day, a whole-home purifier does the job on its own.

Honestly, if you’re worried about anything other than one room, an APCO is the way to go. You’ll breathe easier and feel healthier, almost instantly.

Air Purifier Installations in East Dundee, IL

If you’re ready to improve the indoor quality in your Fox River Valley home like never before or just want to learn more about APCO, call or email us at Compass Heating and Air. Starting with an in-person meeting or video appointment, we’ll help you assess your home’s needs and find the solution that’s perfect for you. [CTA: Air Purification From Compass:] [CTA: Contact Us About IAQ For Your Home:]