There are lots of great houses like this foursquare style home in Norwood Park in Chicago, IL that are perfect candidates for Mitsubishi Ductless. And like most homes of its age, this home didn’t have air conditioning, so the owners were relying on bulky window units to try to bring some relief from the heat in the summer. The home uses a hot water boiler and radiators for heat, and this leads to the question every fall- when do we knuckle under and turn on the heat for the house?

The homeowners were tired of installing and storing window air conditioners every year, and they gave us a call here at Compass Heating and Air conditioning to see if we could solve their comfort problems, winter and summer, once and for all.

Problem: The homeowners were looking for greater comfort in their home, and wanted a better solution than window air conditioners for the family room and upstairs bedroom.

Solution: 2 zones of Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning will give the family the comfort they crave. The advanced i-See sensor system will help ensure the family gets maximum comfort while also saving money on energy bills.

When we got to the home, we knew they were interested in air conditioning. But as we spoke, we found out that the homeowners spent a lot of time in their family room- it was where they spent most of their time together. As we discussed placement and where they would get the most benefit, the homeowners decided that two zones of ductless would give them the comfort they wanted, where they needed it most.

Like most Foursquares in the Norwood Park area of Chicago, IL, this home was built with radiator heat supplied by a boiler in the basement. It provides great heat, but it takes a while for the house to warm up, and it’s prone to big swings in temperature before things are comfortable throughout the home. Like most folks, our homeowners try to delay turning on the heat for as long as possible in the Fall to save money. But there are those frosty days where a touch of heat might be nice, especially in the morning or evening, but it seems silly to heat the whole house for just an hour or two of comfort.

Mitsubishi ductless systems are perfect for situations like this one. The systems are ultra -efficient heat pumps, distributing the hot or cooled air evenly throughout a room. They use a special inverter technology, something you usually only see on high-end whole-home systems, that let them use the minimal amount of energy necessary to keep a room temperature steady.

The systems consist of two parts- an outdoor condenser unit and indoor wall mounted cassettes, which can be located right where you want to create a zone of comfort. We installed the outdoor unit outside at the corner of the home, and you can see the connected piping looks just like a regular gutter, blending in with the house. Each outdoor unit can power up to eight individual indoor cassettes, making this system incredibly flexible and therefore budget friendly as wel.

The Mitsubishi Ductless indoor units are mounted up on the wall as you can see from the pictures. We installed the unit in the family room with the state of the art 3D i-See Sensor. (You can see a cool video about it by clicking this link.) This sensor divides the room into 752 separate mini-zones that it monitors, and knows when someone – or even a pet- is in the room by its heat signature. The sensor will then direct the unit to distribute the hot or cool air in the room to ensure maximum comfort throughout. It is also able to turn itself into power saving mode when there’s no one in the room, ensuring you get maximum energy savings.

In the bedroom, the wall mounted unit will make sure that a perfect night’s sleep is guaranteed. The units run at only 22db- that’s whisper quiet, meaning no more noisy, clunky air conditioner to disturb sleep. And on cold mornings, all you have to do is make a small adjustment on the remote control to add a touch of heat and you never have to dance across a cold floor again when trying to get ready for work or school.

Because Mitsubishi ductless systems are so energy efficient, they qualify for special rebates. This family was able to save $900 on the installation of these two units, making it a more affordable option up front. Coupled with the energy savings they will get from a zoned comfort solution, and the extended twelve-year warranty we can offer as Diamond dealers, this family is able to dramatically increase their comfort while lowering their monthly energy bills, all year long.

Best of all, our homeowners don’t have to dedicate a whole weekend, twice a year, to installing and then storing those noisy, bulky and inefficient window units ever again! Whenever they want a little more comfort- air conditioning or heating- it’s right there at the touch of a button. They’ll never worry whether they put the AC units away too soon in case there’s a heat wave- the AC is available whenever. And if it’s unexpectedly cold the next day- no problem! You don’t have to turn on the heat for the whole house- just warm up the family room in the evening, and you’reset!

Between the new zones of comfort and the increased efficiency, our homeowners will save money every month on their energy bills. And if they decide next summer they want extra comfort in their master suite, we can add additional indoor units at a very affordable price point.

If you want to ditch window air conditioners once and for all, or you’d like to solve problems with hot and cold spots in your home, give us a call here at (630) 504-8688. We can help you design the perfect system to meet your comfort needs and budget, and help you save money on energy bills at the same time!