Like many homes in Lombard, IL, this lovely bungalow was built without central air conditioning. Heated by a hot water boiler system, the home is toasty in Winter, but the hot summer weather is becoming a problem. Like many homeowners, the owners of this home relied on window air conditioners for their own comfort. But as they are getting ready to sell their home, they are getting a lot of comments about the lack of air conditioning scaring away potential buyers.

Problem: Owners of this great bungalow home in Lombard were relying on window air conditioning to get by. As they were looking to sell their home, they realized they could get a better price and sell their home faster if they added a better air conditioning system to the home.

Solution: A new Daikin MXL three zone home comfort system will ensure this home has year-round comfort and increased security, which will increase the value of the home and make it an attractive choice for any buyer.

There’s Got to be a better way- No More Window A/C!

Window air conditioners seem cheap enough in the store, but they have other costs most people don’t realize. The first issue is the yearly installation and then storage of the units. If you have more than one window air conditioner, this project can eat up the better part of a weekend in the Spring and Fall. The units are bulky and heavy, and if you don’t store them properly, they can get mold and mildew, and actually make you sick when you reinstall them next season. Window air conditioners can also be a security problem. They take up a window, and can actually leave you vulnerable to break-ins. Click here to read an article from the Chicago Tribune about people breaking into homes by pushing in the window air conditioner.

On top of that, window units are notoriously noisy and inefficient, really running up your energy bills during the summer. But if you have an older home without central air, what are your options?

Daikin Multi-zone Ductless Systems to the rescue!

The new Daikin MXL multi-zone ductless heat pump systems are designed with just this purpose in mind. These systems can provide state of the art air conditioning – and supplemental heating- to homes without relying on ductwork, making it a perfect solution for older homes like this one in Lombard.

The systems consist of two parts- an outdoor condenser unit, connected to indoor units that are usually wall-mounted, wherever you want to comfort the most. This two-part system is why this type of system is often called a mini-split, and they’ve been hugely popular in providing additional comfort to older buildings overseas for years. They’ve become more and more popular here as our weather changes and people want additional comfort in homes and businesses. The outdoor unit is attached by refrigerant and power lines to indoor units, that can distribute cool air throughout whatever space they are in. Daikin’s MXL multizone system and their Emura line of wall-mounted units provide a tapered look that makes them less pronounced than other ductless air conditioning systems, and look a lot like wall-mounted speakers for an entertainment system when installed like you can see in the pictures below.
Each indoor unit can be controlled separately, giving you individual zones of comfort wherever you need them most. For this home, the homeowner opted for three zones of comfort, in the Master bedroom, living room/dining room, and the first-floor bedroom. That means maximum comfort right where any new owner would want it most. And with the additional of Daikin’s intelligent eye sensors, the system senses temperature, humidity and whether or not a room is occupied, and makes adjustments to ensure that you get perfect comfort whenever you are in the room, but also save money on energy by going into power-saving mode when the room isn’t occupied.
Daikin systems offer several different types of indoor units, including this low wall-mounted unit that we were able to fit on the knee-wall area on the second floor Master bedroom. This helps ensure the bedroom gets all the comfort you would want, but the unit doesn’t take up wall space on the second floor where the ceiling height is not as high as on the first floor. That means Daikin ductless home comfort systems are flexible enough to give you many options to maximize your comfort while keeping your home looking modern and fresh.
One of the additional benefits of Daikin ductless systems is that they can provide supplemental heat as well as state of the art cooling to your home. That means that on those first frosty days this Fall, our homeowners can add just a touch of heat when they need it- first thing in the morning, or maybe just before going to bed- and won’t have to turn on the boiler heat for the whole house- likely for weeks compared to their neighbors. With ductless heating providing 60% more energy efficiency and ductless cooling adding 30% additional energy-efficiency compared to window air conditioners, the homeowners will see their energy bills shrink- and that’s good news to anyone on a budget! The flexibility and efficiency of the Daikin MXL systems are so great, the homeowners also qualified for a $400 rebate for increasing the energy efficiency in the home. Couple that with a 12-year warranty, the current homeowners should see a rush of new buyers, interested in this updated classic home with modern comfort throughout- that will give the new homeowners many years of hassle-free, quiet comfort.
We were thrilled to be able to help these homeowners modernize their bungalow home in Lombard and help make the improvements needed to make it a great value for the next homeowners. If you’re uncomfortable in your home, just give us a call here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning. Our experts can help design a perfect system for your home, to make sure you are comfortable throughout, but also get a low-profile, modern look that will help your home look like it’s just been featured on HGTV.