At Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., we love a challenge. When the new owners of this charming Cape Cod-style home in Aurora called us, they wanted to have cooling comfort throughout the home, but it didn’t have central air. They had ductwork for the existing and aged central heating system that used natural gas. They also wanted to turn the existing attic space into a bedroom, but being so close to the roofline, attics are notorious for being difficult to heat and cool. What could we suggest that would give them the year-round comfort they wanted, but also be cost-effective to operate every month- because after all- who needs high energy bills?

Problem: New Homeowners wanted to add heating and air conditioning to the attic to be able to use it as a bedroom, and were also looking for central air solutions for the rest of the home, with an eye towards efficiency and saving money.

Solution: With a Daikin VRV Life system, the experts at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. were able to not only create a zone of heating and cooling for the new attic bedroom, but also provide central air conditioning using the existing ducted system to provide cost-effective heating and cooling throughout the entire home.

When we spoke to the homeowners, they knew the existing natural gas heating system was due to be replaced. And we knew that creating separate zones of heating and cooling would help them save money, especially when it came to giving them the comfort they needed for the attic bedroom. Being so close to the roofline, attic rooms are notorious for being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. That means in order to get them comfortable, most people end up cranking the heat up for the rest of the house or adding an additional window air conditioner, which are expensive to run and a pain to install every year. (Having an attic bedroom myself growing up, I used a pile of blankets, including an electric blanket, and spent years getting dressed under the covers!) We knew that this was the perfect situation to create a zoned heating and cooling system. In fact, by combining a traditional gas furnace and heat pump ductless heating and cooling system by Daikin, we were able to make sure this family got the year-round comfort it needed but still kept their energy bills low.
The first step was to replace the existing gas furnace. The new Daikin DM 97 modulating natural gas furnace. Working along with a variable-speed blower motor, this furnace operates at the lowest possible speed to precisely maintain a constant, steady temperature throughout the home. Daikin’s high-efficiency system is able to use the minimal amount of energy possible to keep your home comfy, and that means lower energy bills while staying toasty warm.
We then paired this furnace with a Daikin VRV outdoor heat pump unit. This modular system will be used to provide both heating and cooling to the attic bedroom space when paired with a wall-mounted indoor “ductless” unit. But it will also provide additional heating and cost-effective air conditioning throughout the other parts of the home, taking advantage of the existing ductwork also used by the main heating system.

Ductless Creates a Separate Zone for the Attic Bedroom

Heat pumps and “ductless” heating and cooling systems by Daikin are some of the most efficient systems on the market. They can create a zone of heating and cooling wherever you need it most, and can also be turned off or put into energy-saving mode when not in use. That allows you to not heat or cool select areas of your home when everyone’s away at school or work, and that can lead to substantial energy savings! Better yet, the systems are auto-cleaning as well. And best of all, the Daikin system is super quiet. Unlike window air conditioners, the wall-mounted indoor unit will provide evenly distributed heated or cool air throughout the bedroom area while never being louder than a whisper.
Whichever lucky family member ends up getting the newly renovated bedroom will be super happy! They can make a call on their cell phone, watch videos on their computer, or even take a conference call, and the background noise from the system will be virtually non-existent. That also means getting a comfortable and solid night’s sleep, every night of the year as well. Just adjust the comfort level of the unit from the handy remote control, and they’ll get the comfort they want, no matter what Mother Nature is dishing up outside.
Additionally, the Daikin VRV heat pump system will also be used to provide cooling comfort for the rest of the home as well. By allowing multi-zone control, we created a zone for the attic bedroom, and a zone for the rest of the home, allowing this one unit to provide state-of-art comfort for every room in the house. The Daikin VRV uses variable refrigerant volume control, allowing you to easily control the temperature and comfort level in the different areas of the home. That means when Mom is getting dinner ready, someone else can be in the new bedroom, and each can adjust the comfort level to their own preference- no compromise or fighting over the thermostat required! The Daikin VRV system can also be used to add just that touch of heat you need sometimes on cold, wet mornings or chilly Fall evenings, without having to turn on the furnace for the whole house. Using the high-efficiency heat pump system will help lower the home’s energy bills overall, providing maximum comfort without making you pay for it later.

Best of all, because of the high-efficiency of this solution, the homeowners qualified for rebates of $1,925, helping to make this state of the art Daikin system even more affordable.

We were thrilled that the homeowner also left us a great review after the job:

My wife and I recently purchased a new home. As a part of the work needed was an A/C solution for a soon-to-be-finished attic space for use as a bedroom. Additionally, as the house didn’t have central air we were looking for suggestions/solutions to include the entire house. We reached out to several companies for recommendations and estimates. Mike at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. was by far the most knowledgeable and helpful. He provided multiple solutions and took his time explaining them all to us. He kept in touch with us while awaiting the arrival of the system components. He started the installation on the date promised and was completed within the stated time-frame. Mike and his crew were professional, friendly, and tidy! We are thrilled with our new VRV system and highly recommend Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.!

Getting reviews like this one from homeowners always makes our day. We know we always try to go the extra mile, but knowing the homeowner was happy with every step of the process lets us know we’re meeting and exceeding their expectations- and that’s our goal here every day at Compass.

If you have a heating or cooling problem in your home, give us a call at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. Conditioning. We can solve even the toughest problems and help you save money on your energy bills every month at the same time- it’s what we do best!