Ductless Fixes Heating and Cooling Issues in Oak Lawn, IL

Our homeowners in Oak Lawn, IL have a beautiful split-level suburban home. It’s the best of what places villages like this one, or Burbank, or Evergreen Park, have to offer. And, thanks to a ductless mini-split installation, now it’s even more comfortable than before.

Our homeowners had an HVAC problem we see a lot in these towns between the Des Plaines River and Little Calumet River. In the summer, more than one room is always hot in the house. And, in the winter, at least one room is always cold.

These were all upstairs rooms. Most were over the garage. So, they called Compass Heating and Air. We’ve got a great reputation in Chicagoland for solving problems just like this one.

Our homeowners saw our online reviews and gave us a call. Then, we quickly got to work.

Problem: The rooms on the upper level of an Oak Lawn, IL split-level home were always too

hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Solution: A ductless mini-split installation with air handlers in the three two bedrooms and a bathroom on the upper level.