Quiet Comfort & Lower Bills With Daikin VRV Life: Schaumburg, IL

Problem: The air conditioner in a Schaumburg, IL split level was expensive to run. It was also very loud – especially the outdoor unit on the patio. It was hard to entertain outside.

Solution: Installed a Daikin VRV Life system. The heat pump-based system provides exceptional comfort with lower energy bills. And the outdoor unit is virtually silent.

Better HVAC, More Closet Space For Schaumburg, IL Condo With Ductless Heat

Problem: A condominium resident in Schaumburg, IL wanted to get rid of their natural gas heater. They had a unit for heating and cooling installed in a closet. It was very loud, it took up a lot of space, and it didn’t heat or cool the condo properly.

Solution: Installed a hyper-heat multi-zone ductless heat and air conditioning system, or mini-split. It’s quieter, offers better heating and cooling, and costs less to run. Our homeowners can also now use the closet where they used to have their old heater.

Ductless HVAC Slashes Energy Bills In Schaumburg, IL Condo

Problem: A condo owner in Schaumburg, IL wanted to replace his electric heat and through-the-wall air conditioner. In particular, the AC was loud and took up too much space.

Solution: Installed a Mitsubishi ductless hyper-heat system with an outdoor heat pump and three indoor air handlers. They’re quieter, use less energy and produce better climate control throughout the condo.

Quiet Comfort & Energy Efficiency With Dual Fuel HVAC (Schaumburg, IL)

Problem: The heating and central air in a Schaumburg, IL home needed to be replaced. The homeowner wanted much quieter air conditioning because his old compressor made too much noise in the backyard.

Solution: Installed a Daikin dual fuel system with a whisper-quiet, energy-efficient heat pump and 98% AFUE, variable-speed gas furnace for efficient backup heat.