The homeowners of this lovely home in Crystal Lake were plagued by uneven heating and cooling ever since the moved in 17 years ago. They had even tried running extra ductwork to the problem areas to see if that helped, but to no avail. They had heard about Mitsubishi ductless heating and air conditioning, and gave us a call here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning to see if we could recommend a solution to their ongoing comfort problems and solve them for once and for all.

Problem: This home had consistent comfort problems on the second floor with the bedrooms and master bathroom- the rooms were too hot in summer and too cold in winter, and other solutions didn’t help.

Solution: Three zones of Mitsubishi Electric ductless Hyper Heat heating and air conditioning will keep the family perfectly comfortable and ensure a great night’s sleep at last!

The homeowners had a natural gas forced air furnace and central air conditioning system, which worked fine to keep the main floor of the home comfortable, but the upstairs consistently had problems, especially in really hot or cold weather. Like most homeowners, they would try to compensate by cranking up the heat- which would turn the rest of the house into a sauna, and lead to high energy bills. Likewise in the summer, the top floor was just too warm, and the air conditioning system never seemed to get the job done, leading to uncomfortable nights tossing and turning. The homeowners had tried to solve the problem before and installed additional ductwork to try to address the problems in the bedrooms and master bath, but all it did was add expense and didn’t deliver the comfort they wanted. Frustrated, the homeowners searched for solutions and discovered that you could create zones of heating and air conditioning with Mitsubishi ductless systems. They gave us a call as Elite Diamond dealers, to see if we could design a system that would solve their comfort problems once and for all.
Mitsubishi Electric Ductless heating and air conditioning systems consists of two parts- an outdoor heat pump condenser unit, and indoor, wall mounted units that are called heads or cassettes. Each individual head can be controlled independently, creating a separate zone of heating and cooling wherever it is placed. The Hyper Heat H2i system is particularly good at delivering added heat even when it’s -13F outside, covering even the coldest days we see here in the Chicagoland area.

Mitsubishi ductless systems don’t rely on ductwork, so you can place them in a wider variety of areas in your home. The indoor units are mounted high on the wall, out of the way. The indoor heads use state of the art sensors to monitor both the temperature and humidity in a room, and distribute the heated or cooled air evenly throughout the room, eliminating the hot and cold spots that had plagued this home for years, once and for all. The systems also use advanced inverter technology, which allow them to use the minimum energy necessary to keep your comfort level constant, just like the cruise control on your car. That’s typically a feature you would only see on high end, whole home furnace and air conditioning units, but this feature allows Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems to provide incredible energy efficiency while delivering world class comfort, winter or summer.

We recommended adding three zones of ductless heating and air conditioning to the home, one in each bedroom and in the master bathroom, to eliminate the discomfort the family had been suffering with for years. The cathedral ceilings in the home added to the heating and cooling challenges- but Mitsubishi ductless handles this challenge with aplomb. The ductless unit will be able to monitor and distribute the air throughout the space- and it operates at only 22db- whisper-quiet, so the homeowner won’t even be able to hear it over the chuka-chuka of their ceiling fan- if they ever need to use that again!
One of the things our homeowners really appreciate is the benefit of creating separate zones of heating and air conditioning. Since each of the heads can be operated independently, Mom and Dad can add that touch of heat to the bathroom from the remote control before they even get out of bed in the morning, and never have to have chilly toes on the tile ever again. They can also adjust the air conditioning, even after getting in bed at night, to get the perfect comfort level to get a great night’s sleep. The zones will also allow the homeowners to simply turn the extra heating and cooling off when not in use, helping save even more money.

Mitsubishi ductless heating and air conditioning systems are so efficient, there are rebates available for them, and this family qualified for $1,400 in rebates, making this option cost-effective to install, as well as to operate! In fact, many of our homeowners report saving up to 35 – 40% on their energy bills after installing ductless, and are able to delay turning on the whole home heating and air conditioning systems for weeks while still getting the comfort they want where they need it most, saving even more.

If you have a home with hot and cold spots and want the comfort you deserve, give us a call here at Compass heating and Air Conditioning! As Mitsubishi Electric Elite Diamond Dealers, we are Chicagoland area experts and can help design a system to solve your comfort problems for good, while saving you money on your energy bills!