When we did this HVAC installation in Huntley, IL, it was in a home that was built around 2000. While this home has many of the upgrades you would expect, the “builder grade” furnaces and central air conditioning system had reached the end of their useful life. The homeowner saw some of the educational materials we have on our website about Daikin’s Fit and VRV Life systems and wanted to know if one of these solutions might be a good fit for their home.

Problem: Homeowners wanted to replace their aging zoned furnace with a higher efficiency furnace that would also eliminate hot and cold spots.

Solution: Dakin’s Fit home comfort system with two furnaces and central air will provide extraordinary comfort throughout their home while increasing efficiency and reducing outdoor noise levels, giving them quiet, year-round comfort.

As furnaces and central air conditioning systems age, they require more repairs. For some older systems, the change in refrigerants that are used in HVAC systems means that you can’t just “recharge” a system the same way you could in the past, because R22 will be illegal for use in air conditioners starting in January of 2020. Smart homeowners plan ahead and replace the systems before they fail, which always seems to happen on the hottest or coldest day of the year! The homeowners of this home in Huntley, IL were planning ahead and knew it was time to replace their current system. When we came out to see their home, we knew that a new Daikin Fit system would deliver them the comfort they wanted throughout their home with greater efficiency, saving them money on energy bills, while delivering state of the art comfort throughout. Daikin FIT systems are flexible, innovative and use state of the art technology to bring quiet, efficient comfort throughout your home. These systems can replace standard, unitary heating and cooling systems, using the existing ductwork in your home. The low profile of these systems make it easy to fit them close against your home and they are whisper-quiet when operating, giving us greater flexibility in where we position the outdoor units. The systems are coated to resist corrosion, giving them extended life and reliability. This is one of the reasons why Daikin Fit systems come with a 12 year warranty, giving homeowners peace of mind in their investment.
Daikin FIT comfort systems use inverter technology to make the slight adjustments necessary to maintain an even level of comfort throughout your home, Winter and Summer. The system will help maintain the temperature and humidity level consistently, using a minimal amount of energy necessary to do so, giving you added efficiency without adding to your energy bills. The system will not be shutting on and off as often as systems without inverters do, saving wear and tear on parts as well. Coupled with the Daikin variable speed fan with pulse width modulation, homes get additional operating efficiency and better comfort!

Home Air Quality Improvements As Well!

In addition, Daikin systems have excellent air filtration, resulting in the improvement of your home’s indoor air quality. The filter systems not only protect and prolong the operation of your system, but remove more allergens and irritants from the air, helping you keep your family healthier. For this home, we recommended using two systems to cover the large square footage and create different zones of comfort throughout the home.
As you can see, the systems have a compact size, inside and outside the home. The systems are also super quiet, which every homeowner can appreciate, especially if you are used to your whole house rumbling when your system turns on! The homeowners also opted for the amazing Daikin One+ smart thermostat. These thermostats will let the system switch automatically between heating and cooling when needed, keeping your home perfectly comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature is dishing up outside. The thermostats can be set up with a weekly schedule, and even have an “away” mode to help you conserve energy when you’re not at home. The One+ also helps monitor the air quality inside, and will let you know when filters need changing, helping to improve the air quality inside- especially important if anyone in your home has allergies, asthma, or other breathing issues. The One+ also has a mobile app, so you can control the system from your smartphone. You can also set it up to work with Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can control the system by just asking Alexa to adjust the comfort level on demand. You can see more by watching the video below:
We know the homeowners are going to be thrilled with the performance of their new Daikin FIT system, especially with the added efficiencies and lower energy bills. The system also qualified for rebates of $2,850.00, which helped make this new, innovative comfort system more affordable as well. Along with the 12 year warranty, our homeowners will have the comfort- an improved indoor air quality- they want for years to come. If your home HVAC system is nearing the end of its lifecycle and you’re looking for a solution that will provide you with more comfort but also reduce your energy bills, give us a call here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning. We have worked on a variety of homes throughout the area and have the experience to design a system that will fit your needs, and your budget.