This two-story colonial in the Cobbler’s Crossing neighborhood of Elgin, IL had comfort problems for years. The master bedroom never seemed to be comfortable. The owners contacted us thinking they needed a heater repair. After extensive diagnostics, we determined that a heater repair was not the answer at all. We found that the gas furnace was operating perfectly, it was just not big enough for the house.

The homeowners decided to replace their original heating and cooling system due to the age, but they wanted to be sure their master bedroom with vaulted ceilings would be as comfortable as the rest of the house. They were not interested in converting from a gas furnace to a heat pump, so I introduced them to Daikin’s new VRV Life system, which enables us to add a ductless heat pump to a gas furnace for maximum flexibility and comfort.

Problem: Aging heating and cooling system needed to be replaced, but homeowners wanted to solve underlying comfort problems, especially in the master bedroom, at the same time.

Solution: A New Daikin VRV LIFE system with a modulating gas furnace, variable speed inverter heat pump and a wall-mounted ductless system for the master bedroom will ensure the whole home is perfectly comfortable year-round.

When the homeowners gave us a call here at Compass Heating and Air, we knew there were a lot of heating and cooling systems on the market, but the new Daikin VRV LIFE systems had the flexibility of using both gas furnace and heat pump technology to deliver a super-efficient system that can have a huge impact on your energy bills. Rooms like the master bedroom in this home with vaulted ceilings can cause serious heating and cooling challenges. Hot air often rises to the top of the room, and without sufficient airflow, you’ll end up with uneven heating and cooling and never feeling quite as comfortable as you want to be. Creating a separate zone of heating and cooling for this sort of room is often a way to correct the problem, as well as providing maximum comfort for the homeowners- and with the Daikin VRV system, we can provide that level of comfort easily.
After consultation with the homeowners, they opted for a high-efficiency modulating gas furnace, paired with a high efficiency, variable speed inverter heat pump. Together, these components work together to give the best performance possible to the homeowner. The Daikin heat pump and the wall-mounted ductless unit is designed with state of the art sensors that monitor the temperature and humidity in the room. The wall-mounted unit in the master creates a separate zone of comfort for that room, distributing the heated or cool air evenly throughout the space. It will then make the adjustments necessary to keep your comfort level constant- eliminating those swings between hot and cold most of us experience with our home heating systems. This high-performance system is designed so it will use the heat pump until it is more efficient to switch over to natural gas heating with the Daikin high-efficiency gas furnace. The ductless system will work in tandem with the gas furnace, making sure you use the minimum amount of energy necessary to keep your family comfortable- all while keeping your energy bills low.
Our homeowners also opted for an Aprilaire steam humidifier and photocatalytic UV system that’s specially designed to keep bacteria and cold-causing viruses at bay- improving your home’s overall air quality and in turn- the health of your whole family. The system is set up with two thermostats- one for the whole house, and another specifically for the master bedroom. With these separate zones, the homeowners will ensure their master bedroom always is perfectly comfortable, giving them the best night’s sleep they’ve had in years. The increased efficiency of this new Daikin VRV LIFE system also qualifies for energy-efficiency rebates of $1,725, saving the homeowners even more money on this significant upgrade to their comfort. After 29 years of being not quite comfortable, our experts at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning were happy to be able to give this home and family the comfort they have craved while providing them increased efficiency, lower energy bills every month, and rebates that helped make this upgrade in comfort even more affordable. If your old heating system is causing you headaches, and you want to increase your comfort while lowering your monthly energy bills, give the experts here at Compass a call. We can design a system for your home that will solve your comfort problems and also save you money every month- something we could all use in the New Year!