Ductless Fixes Heating and Cooling Issues in Oak Lawn, IL

Our homeowners in Oak Lawn, IL have a beautiful split-level suburban home. It’s the best of what places villages like this one, or Burbank, or Evergreen Park, have to offer. And, thanks to a ductless mini-split installation, now it’s even more comfortable than before.

Our homeowners had an HVAC problem we see a lot in these towns between the Des Plaines River and Little Calumet River. In the summer, more than one room is always hot in the house. And, in the winter, at least one room is always cold.

These were all upstairs rooms. Most were over the garage. So, they called Compass Heating and Air. We’ve got a great reputation in Chicagoland for solving problems just like this one.

Our homeowners saw our online reviews and gave us a call. Then, we quickly got to work.

Problem: The rooms on the upper level of an Oak Lawn, IL split-level home were always too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Solution: A ductless mini-split installation with air handlers in the three two bedrooms and a bathroom on the upper level.

Heating Problems in a Split-Level Home

Split-level houses are a staple of Chicagoland and suburbs across the country. However, they usually come with the same complaints: In the winter, at least one room is always cold. And, at least one room is always hot in the house in the house in the summer.

This happens because hot air rises. And, warm air is attracted to cold. We’ll look at these first. Then we’ll get into how we addressed these problems.

Here’s what happens: In the summer, the hot air in a home travels upwards. Then, it collects in the upstairs rooms. That’s why it’s always a few degrees warmer up there.

Our homeowners saw our online reviews and gave us a call. Then, we quickly got to work.

Ductless Mini-Split Fixes Heating And Cooling In Oak Lawn, IL Split-Level
But with this design, most of those rooms are over the garage. There’s no HVAC service in there, and usually less insulation. That means it gets really cold in the winter.

Now, the lower temperature attracts heat. So, any warmth making its way up to the second floor goes toward the garage. Or, it heads upwards and escapes out the attic or roof. Those areas are colder than the rooms you want to keep warm.

So, why don’t you just adjust the thermostat for the second floor? Well, that’s simple: It affects the first floor, too. Then you end up with living rooms and kitchens too hot in the winter and too cold in the summer. You waste a lot of energy trying to even the home’s temperatures out.

Most homes have one thermostat for the whole house. It’s usually on the first floor. So, if the second floor is hotter or colder, it doesn’t register properly. Then you end up with uneven heating.

That’s the problem our Oak Lawn, IL homeowners were having. And, we had the solution.

Ductless Heating and Cooling in a Split-Level Home

A ductless heat and cooling system solves the problem for those upstairs rooms. It does that without affecting the first floor. And, it saves money.

Let’s look at how a mini-split works. It’s got that name because there are two parts to it. First is the outdoor heat pump. Then, there are the inside panels. Those are also called air handlers.

The pump generates the warmth or cool air. It’s like a furnace and air conditioner in one. Then, the air travels through the house in thin, flexible tubing that hides inside the walls.

That treated air finally enters the room through the panels. These sit high up on the wall and are literally whisper-quiet.

So, the first advantage is that you don’t need ductwork. But, that has nothing to do with the uneven heating and cooling, right? Well, there’s more.

Let’s say you want it 68 degrees everywhere. But, that front bedroom over the garage is always colder than the master bedroom.

Well, now the panel in the front room will keep working until that area reaches 68 degrees. Meanwhile, the one in the master bedroom powers down sooner. That’s because it doesn’t need to work as much.

Now, you’ve got thermostats in every room that needs treatment. In this case, the furnace still provides most of the warmth. Now, the air handlers top it off evenly.

And, the opposite happens in the summer. Now, the two bedrooms upstairs have their own air conditioners.

In this house, we even put a panel in the bathroom up there. That also helps with a humidity problem the homeowners had there in the summer. Now, the ac helps get rid of excess moisture that can cause discomfort, and even damage to the home.

Heating Problems in a Split-Level Home

Ductless air conditioning and heat do require an investment up front. But, it also saves you money in the long run. This happens because:

  • The systems are eligible for rebates
  • They use less energy than other systems
  • They let you cut down on more expensive energy sources
  • They run independently allowing you to reduce the amount of energy being used when it’s not needed

Here’s something you wouldn’t expect: Your utility company — you know, the one you pay for your electricity? — actually likes it when you use less energy!

There are some practical reasons, like not having to produce too much electricity. There are also government regulations at work. Either way that equals savings for our Oak Lawn homeowners.

Around here, ComEd offers rebates for people who install Energy Star appliances. You’ve probably seen that logo on your electronics. It means they use less energy but give the same results as other devices and systems.

Our homeowners applied for a rebate from ComEd. Thanks to this setup, they got $800 cash back! That took a huge chunk out of the installation costs.

And, now they’re saving even more money on their utility bills. The biggest differences are in the spring and fall.

Our homeowners applied for a rebate from ComEd. Thanks to this setup, they got $800 cash back! That took a huge chunk out of the installation costs.

Those are the months where they used to keep their old furnace going. But, even though it’s chilly, they didn’t really need all that power.

Instead, our homeowners just use the new system in September and October. The same goes for March and April. Those are the months when they just need a little extra warmth.

By using the more efficient system, they saw a nice drop in their energy bills during those months. And, of course, they’re more comfortable in the summer and winter.

Does your split-level home need some HVAC improvements? Contact us, and we’ll design a system that’s perfect for you.