Installing ductless in Arlington Heights, IL mudroom

Our homeowners called Compass Heating & Air Conditioning when they were adding a mudroom to their colonial home in Arlington Heights. They wanted to add heating and cooling to it, and their contractor recommended a ductless heat pump.

When we met with the homeowners, they also mentioned problems with their master bedroom and one of the children’s bedrooms. These rooms were often too hot in the summer and just too chilly in the winter.

Was it possible, they asked, if the same system they used in the mudroom could solve these problems as well?

The answer was simple: Yes! And, it would also save them money on their energy bills at the same time.

Problem: Our Arlington Heights, IL homeowners wanted to add heating and cooling to their new mudroom. They also wanted additional comfort in the master bedroom and children’s bedroom. Those rooms were often too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Solution: Installed a three-zone Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat ductless heat pump system. It provides energy-efficient, year-round comfort in each area.

Ductless heat pump supplements heating and cooling in bedrooms

Arlington Heights is a great community. Homes like this colonial-style house near Arlington Park are common throughout the town. We see a lot of people renovating and adding additions, like this mudroom. Adding a ductless system:

  1. Provides zoned heating and cooling
  2. Helps keep energy bills low
  3. Supplements central HVAC units

How ductless works

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat systems, also called mini splits, have two main components. There’s an ultra-efficient outdoor heat pump condenser unit an indoor, wall-mounted head or cassette that distributes the warm or cool air evenly around the room where it’s located.

Each outdoor condenser can support up to eight individual indoor units. Each indoor cassette creates a separate, individual zone of comfort wherever they are located and can be individually controlled.

Zoned heating and cooling

By creating a separate zone of comfort wherever they’re located, mini splits can deliver just the right amount of heating or cooling you require, right when you want it.
The units are controlled by a handheld remote. That makes them really easy to adjust. Most importantly, they also have state-of-the-art sensors that monitor the temperature and humidity throughout the room.

The system automatically adjusts to make sure the whole room is perfectly comfortable throughout- no more hot or cold spots anywhere!

Installing in an addition

In this colonial home, the existing forced hot air furnace and air conditioning weren’t able to provide sufficient heating and cooling to the addition. So, we needed to install a separate heating and cooling system.
The heads are mounted up on the wall, out of the way in each room. We needed to run lines to several areas including the new room. But, how could we do it and minimize the visual impact on the home?

We worked closely with the general contractor to conceal lines in the floors and walls, minimizing the visual impact, indoors and out.

We also ran the lines for the upstairs units in such a way you might have a problem picking them out in the picture below! (Hint- it looks a lot like a gutter or downspout!)

Ductless heat pump supplements heating and cooling in bedrooms

As we discussed the needs for the mudroom, the homeowners mentioned that there were other rooms with comfort problems. Fortunately, we could use the new ductless heat pump system to also address:

  1. The master bedroom
  2. The children’s bedroom

Heating and cooling a master bedroom with cathedral ceilings

Many modern master suites feature cathedral ceilings, like this one. They’re beautiful, but in the winter, it’s often hard to get the room as comfortable as you need it.
Sure, you could crank up the heat. But, then you turn every other room in the house into a sauna!

In the summer, the heat tends to make the rooms warm and sticky, making your sleep anything but comfortable.

By adding additional units in the master bedroom and children’s room, we could ensure that the homeowner and their children got a great night’s sleep every day of the year.

Adding an air handler to a children’s bedroom

Just like in the other rooms, the Mitsubishi wall-mounted cassettes monitor the temperature in the independent zones and adjust the comfort as needed. It gives these parents more control over the temperature in the children’s bedroom and can vary temperatures from room to room.
So, when the kids go to bed and want a little extra comfort, they can simply turn on the system, and get that touch of extra comfort.

And, Mom and Dad can adjust the temperature in their own room to their own preference. Now, they never worry about whether the kids will be too hot or too cold.

Inverter technology makes Mitsubishi mini splits energy-efficient

The inverter technology is the key. Mitsubishi mini splits use state of the art inverter technology, something you usually only find on top of the line whole home heating and cooling systems.

They make small adjustments constantly, keeping a room perfectly comfortable, rather than waiting for a big swing in temperature before turning on or off, like most whole-home systems.

This means they are also incredibly energy efficient, using the minimum amount of energy needed to maintain your comfort level.

The high-efficiency of Mitsubishi mini splits combined with zoning means this homeowner qualified for rebates of $1,400. That makes a system like this even more affordable.

And with the added efficiency of the new system, our homeowners will be saving money year-round on energy bills- something every homeowner can appreciate.

If you’d like to learn more about how the experts at Compass Heating & Air Conditioning can help you get the comfort you crave, give us a call at (630) 504-8688!