Mitsubishi Ductless Installation in a Wheaton, IL Ranch

The owners of this ranch home in Wheaton, IL were building a new addition to create a new family room, but they needed to make sure it was going to be comfortable enough to use all year long, a perfect application for a Mitsubishi ductless installation.

That meant it would need both heating and cooling, so the homeowners gave us a call here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning in order to see what we could recommend that would give them the comfort they needed without costing a fortune in energy bills to operate.

Problem: New addition needed additional heating and cooling to make sure it would be comfortable enough to use 365 days a year.

Solution: A single zone Mitsubishi ductless installation with i-see technology will make sure the room is always comfortable, and its energy efficiency will ensure energy bills stay under control, no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.

Ductless Mini-Splits are Tailor Made for Additions and Renovations

Whenever you add on to your home, one of the first things you should consider is how this area will be heated and cooled so you get the most out of your home upgrade.

In many cases, additions like this one are being built on a slab, making the installation of ductwork an expensive proposition.

Additions throughout neighborhoods like Scottdale often need a dedicated climate control solution, since the main HVAC system for a home is sized to the house when built.

If you just add additional ductwork and pray the house stays comfortable, this ends up being a losing proposition for every room in the house!

Some folks opt for electric baseboards, but these only offer heating and no air conditioning, and they don’t do a very good job of distributing the air throughout the space. Rather than installing a small furnace and air conditioning system for one room with high ceilings like this one, the best and most cost-effective solution is a single zone of Mitsubishi’s ductless heating and air conditioning.

Mitsubishi Ductless Installation Will Gives You Indoor Climate Control

A Mitsubishi ductless installation, often called a mini-split, consist of two main parts; an outdoor heat pump condenser unit, and an indoor, wall mounted unit.

The outside unit is small and can actually operate up to eight indoor wall mounted units, each one creating a separate zone of heating and air conditioning in the home. Each indoor unit can be adjusted independently, providing your the comfort you want, right where you need it most.

You can also see that when installing an outdoor unit we use line hides that can also be painted so it looks just like a regular gutter or drainpipe.

The lines connect to the indoor wall unit, and we make every attempt to ensure that there are no ugly lines or outlets in view, ensuring that the inside and outside of your home are equally beautiful.

Mini-Splits are Excellent for Rooms With Large Glass Exposures

This addition had many windows and high ceilings, making it a space that the family will love to use.

However, all this glass can also turn an addition into a Greenhouse sauna in the summer and make it pretty chilly in the Winter.

As a result, a Mitsubishi ductless installation that can supply year-round comfort to the space is really important. By using efficient inverter technology, the system is designed to use the minimum energy needed to maintain the perfect comfort level, whether that means adding heat or air conditioning to the space. So just like cruise control on your car, ductless mini-split systems are designed to adjust as needed, while saving you significant money on energy bills. The systems are so efficient, they qualify for rebates, and these Wheaton, IL homeowners were able to get $500 in rebates, helping to make this solution even more affordable.

This Mitsubishi ductless model is equipped with a 3D i-See sensor, which continually analyses the temperature profile of a room to detect hot and cold spots. The eight element sensor divides the room into 752 three-dimensional mini-zones, measuring temperature and humidity in each, to detect the position of the occupants and adjust the temperature accordingly.

This smart sensor can even detect when no one is in the room and go into energy saving operation, making sure the system saves you money, even if you don’t remember to turn it off when leaving the house.