Ductless HVAC Offers Consistent Heat For Baby’s Nursery In Naperville, IL

Everyone wants the best for their baby, and this family in Naperville, IL was no different. And, when it came to keeping their kid comfortable, the right heating and cooling can make all the difference.

Our homeowners were expecting, and, they were hard at work building a nursery. But, there was one problem: the climate control.

Their gorgeous luxury home just west of the Springbrook Prairie Forest Reserve had forced air heating. It’s the usual kind that sends warmth or cooling through ductwork and out vents all over the house.

Sometimes, it couldn’t keep the temperature consistent. The temp drops a good few degrees before the system kicked on and catches up.

It wasn’t always that noticeable, but once you’re thinking about a newborn, you’re thinking about all the little things. The family didn’t want their child catching a chill. Nor did they want him or her to overheat or get uncomfortable in the summer.

And, they didn’t want to use a space heater to make up the difference. Those do a good job warming a small space. But, they use a lot of energy and can cause fires. So, that was out of the question.

Fortunately, they heard about ductless HVAC from a friend. Then, they found Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. while researching companies that could install these systems. After reading our great customer reviews from all over the Fox River Valley, they gave us a call.

Problem: The temperature in a baby’s nursery in a Naperville, IL home wasn’t consistent. There were times when it was too hot or cold. The family didn’t want to use a space heater or portable AC.

Solution: Installed a Mitsubishi ductless system with an outdoor heat pump and an air handler in the nursery. This setup provides consistent temperature without the risks of a space heater or noise of a window air conditioner.

Using ductless for consistent climate control

Our homeowner’s big reason for calling us was making sure the temperature in the nursery stayed the same no matter what. That’s something ductless HVAC, also called a mini-split, is especially good at doing. But first, let’s look at how it works.

When you think about a traditional setup, you have a furnace that provides heat. Next, that warmth travels thanks to forced air through ductwork all over the house. Then, it enters each room through vents.

Our system works sort of the same way. But, it takes up much less room and does a much better job.

Instead of a furnace, there’s an outdoor heat pump. This component provides the warmth or cooling. Then, instead of vents, there are air handlers, or panels, in every room you want to treat. These distribute the air.

Now, the panels are equipped with I-See sensors. This is how we make sure the temperature doesn’t drop at all. The sensor is like a thermostat on steroids.

This sensor doesn’t just take the temperature of the room like a thermostat. Instead, it’s constantly scanning the entire room. Specifically, it’s looking for any hot or cold spots.

I-See sensors actually create a 3D profile of the room. They break the room into an astounding 752 zones and analyze each one constantly.

This way, it can determine when there’s a person in the room, based on the shape. From there, it knows if there’s a hot spot that needs to be treated, or if the warmth is body heat.

If that all sounds a little Mission: Impossible, it sort of is. But, it works. That level of monitoring ensures the temperature stays just where you want it all the time.

More benefits of mini-split heat and cooling

Along with eliminating hot and cold spots in a room, a mini-split offers many other benefits. These include:

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Customized climate control
  • Safe, discrete installationAs anyone with a young child knows, keeping quiet is top priority sometimes! When it’s time for a nap, you don’t want anything disturbing the little one.

The panel we put in this room is whisper-quiet. Actually, even quieter. It never gets louder than 20 decibels. People talking in hushed tones is more like 22 to 24 decibels.

Next, you get a lot of flexibility. We talked about the I-See sensor. Well, what that also means is that the system is totally independent from the forced air setup.

Now, our family can set the nursery temperature to whatever they want. It doesn’t matter how hot or cold the rest of the house is. The system in that room has its own thermostat and turns on and off on its own.

Finally, we mentioned space heaters before. These can be trouble. Sure, they’re mostly safe. But, mostly isn’t what you want around a newborn. There’s always the chance of something going wrong.

The unit itself could catch on fire, for instance. Or, something falls and lands too close to it. Down the line, you don’t want the baby getting too close to it when he or she learns to climb out of the crib.

Now, our homeowners don’t have to worry about any of that. The air handler is permanently mounted high up on the wall. This way, it’s actually pretty tough to even notice. And, it’s well out of reach of any young ones.

A mini-split saves you money

Besides the baby, our homeowners get a little bit of bonus with their mini-split: It saves them money. That’s because it’s Energy Star-certified. It meets federal standards showing that it uses less energy to produce the same results as other HVAC systems.

This helps out their wallet in a few ways. First, the less energy they use, the less they pay for. That’s pretty simple.

But, there’s more. Nowadays, even utility companies are in on the efficiency thing. In fact, many of them actually offer rebates to people who install Energy Star appliances.

You might think your electric company just wants you to use as much power as possible. But, between government regulations and the cost of building and maintaining equipment, it’s actually better for them if people use a little less.

Thanks to ComEd’s offers here in Chicagoland, our family got a $500 rebate on their new system. Now, they’ll sleep soundly knowing they’ve saved some money. And, their baby will sleep soundly in the new, comfortable nursery.

Does your baby’s nursery need cooling or supplemental heat? Contact us, and we’ll design a system that’s perfect for your family.