Ductless Mini-Split for this Elgin, IL Family Room

Elgin has been experiencing a renaissance with new homes and businesses in the last several years which has led to an uptick in the improvement of some of the older homes in town. A single-zone ductless mini-split is an excellent choice for many of these older homes.

The new homeowners knew they were going to spend a significant amount of their time in the great family room, but the old gas wall heater didn’t evenly heat the whole room, and there was no air conditioning at all, making the room pretty uncomfortable.

The homeowners gave us a call here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning to see what solution we could recommend to keep them comfortable all year long.

Problem: Family room addition has an old natural gas wall heater and no air conditioning. The new homeowners knew this is where they wanted to spend a lot of time, so they wanted to upgrade the comfort and add air conditioning.

Solution: A single zone of Mitsubishi ductless mini-split will provide the family room with year-round comfort and will help save money on energy bills!

A Ductless Mini-Split is Tailor Made for Additions and Renovations

For family room additions like this one, the high ceilings and windows makes this room one of the focal gathering points for the family. Kids do homework at the table, and everyone gets comfy on the couch to watch TV in the evening together. Making sure everyone is comfortable in every part of the room is important. Afghans should be for decoration and snuggling, not necessary to keep warm!

When you have an addition, you need to figure out the best ways to heat and cool the space, and often the system set up for the rest of the home doesn’t do a great job. People then rely on solutions like electric baseboard heaters, wood stoves, or wall gas heaters, like this home did. Many of these systems are energy inefficient and don’t distribute the heated air evenly throughout the space, leaving you with hot and cold spots. And of course, none of them provide air conditioning, which is a real problem in our increasingly hot and humid summers.

A Single-Zone Ductless Mini-Split is Perfect for a Family Room

When we came out to see the home, we knew immediately that a single Mitsubishi ductless mini-split would do the job. Mitsubishi Electric’s system consists of two parts- an outdoor condenser using heat pump technology, and an indoor, wall mounted unit, sometimes called a head or cassette, which is why they are sometimes referred to as mini-splits. A single outdoor unit can power multiple indoor units if necessary, but each individual indoor unit can be operated and adjusted independently, creating a separate zone of heating and cooling, just where you want it most. The unit can be adjusted easily by a handheld remote, or you can also opt for a KUMO cloud controller, which will allow the unit to be controlled from a smartphone app, no matter where you are!

The indoor units are typically mounted up high on the wall, and the i-see state-of-the-art sensor monitors the entire room, looking for temperature variations. The system is so smart, it can actually tell if you are in the room, and direct the heating or cooling accordingly, making sure you and anyone else in the room is perfectly comfortable. It can also sense when you aren’t in the room and go into energy saving mode, to help reduce the impact on your energy bills as well!

Ductless Mini-Split Technology Will Lower Energy Cost

Mitsubishi’s ductless mini-split use inverter technology to keep your room perfectly comfortable, while using the minimal amount of energy necessary, like the cruise control on your car. Because of this efficiency, our homeowners often report savings of up to 35-40% off their energy bills after installing ductless! In fact,the units are so efficient the homeowners even qualified for a $500 rebate, helping make this installation even more affordable.
And as you can see from the picture below, at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning, we take great care to make sure we treat the inside and outside of your home with respect, and minimize the way we run the necessary lines to that it makes a minimum impact on your home. These extra steps make sure that the end result is not only increased year-round comfort for your family, but that you get a good-looking result that everyone can be proud of.