Ductless HVAC Offers Consistent Heat For Baby’s Nursery In Naperville, IL

Problem: The temperature in a baby’s nursery in a Naperville, IL home wasn’t consistent. There were times when it was too hot or cold. The family didn’t want to use a space heater or portable AC.

Solution: Installed a Mitsubishi ductless system with an outdoor heat pump and an air handler in the nursery. This setup provides consistent temperature without the risks of a space heater or noise of a window air conditioner.

Ductless HVAC Adds Discrete Heat and AC to South Barrington, IL Home

Problem: A large luxury home in South Barrington IL is always too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. This is due to the size and layout of the home, and the central hvac setup. In particular, the homeowner wanted any new equipment to blend in with the home’s decor.

Solution: Installed a Mitsubishi ductless heat and air conditioning mini-split system. The setup for this home uses an outdoor condenser with three indoor air handlers with customized graphics to make them discrete.