Multi-Zone Ductless HVAC is Perfect for this West Dundee, IL Colonial Home

Despite being a modern home with newer ductwork and central air conditioning, this colonial home in West Dundee had the kind of hot and cold spots that drive the whole family crazy. We knew right away that a multi-zone ductless HVAC installation would resolve everyone’s comfort issues while lowering the homeowner’s energy bill.

Problem: Upstairs bedrooms were constantly too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter compared to the rest of the house, making getting a good night’s sleep difficult and frustrating.

Solution: Three zones of Mitsubishi ductless heating and air conditioning will allow the homeowners to get the perfect comfort they want, when they want it at a touch of a button, any day of the year.

Multi-Zone Ductless HVAC Installation

Homes like this one in Fairhills at Canterfield in West Dundee, IL were built in the early 90’s, but often the heating and central air conditioning in these homes is designed as an afterthought.

In fact, many of these homes have heating and cooling problems because the systems installed when the home was built were undersized because of budget, leaving the bedrooms upstairs farthest from the furnace always be too warm in the summer and just too cold in the Winter.

Modern features like two story foyers, cathedral ceilings and open floor plans are spectacular, but they are hard to heat and cool and get the circulation you need to keep the whole house comfortable. The common solution, cranking up the system to try to get adequate heat to those hard-to-heat rooms, ends up wasting a ton of money on energy bills and turns other rooms in the house into a sauna, and conversely, into a refrigerator in the summer.

The solution for homes like these is to create separate zones of heating and cooling. Some contractors recommend creating zones by adding a second full furnace and air conditioning system to the home, but this is often a very expensive option, and you can get a much better result with a multi-zone ductless HVAC installation.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems Allow Complete Climate Control

Mitsubishi’s multi-zone ductless HVAC systems have two essential components. An outdoor heat pump condenser unit, which can power up to eight individual indoor cassettes, or heads, each of which creates a separate zone of heating and cooling in the home.

Each indoor unit is controlled independently by a remote control, and can be set to the comfort level of whomever is in the room. The indoor units monitor the room for both temperature and humidity, and adjust the comfort level accordingly, to make sure you get consistent comfort throughout the room.

For this home, we recommended three indoor units, one in each bedroom. That means that each bedroom has its own heating and air conditioning system that can be turned on or off as needed.

The state of the art i-see sensors on each indoor head monitor the room constantly, looking for hot and cold spots – including a person’s own heat signature- and distribute the air to maintain consistent comfort throughout the space.

They will even go into power-saving mode if no one is in the room, helping you to save money even if you forget to turn the unit off when not in use!

The indoor units are typically mounted up high on the wall, and the i-see state-of-the-art sensor monitors the entire room, looking for temperature variations. The system is so smart, it can actually tell if you are in the room, and direct the heating or cooling accordingly, making sure you and anyone else in the room is perfectly comfortable. It can also sense when you aren’t in the room and go into energy saving mode, to help reduce the impact on your energy bills as well!

Ductless Technology Will Lower Energy Costs

Best of all, Mitsubishi multi-zone ductless HVAC systems are incredibly quiet – operating at 22db– as quiet as a whisper. This means that you won’t have to worry about getting a decent night’s sleep ever again- you will be comfortable, and there will be virtually no additional noise to disturb you, or keep you from hearing a crying child- or teenager coming home late- down the hall.

On top of the additional, customized comfort the family will get in each bedroom, the real benefit will come from the energy savings. Most of our homeowners find that by turning on the Mitsubishi ductless units to provide that touch of warmth on a chilly, rainy spring day or a touch of cooling on a unexpectedly warm fall day gives them the comfort they want, where they want it, while not having to adjust the comfort level for the whole home. Many homeowners can even delay turning on the heat for the season for several weeks, and they report reductions in their overall energy bills of up to 35-40%!

Mitsubishi ductless mini-split systems are so energy efficient, they qualify for rebates- and this home qualified for $1,000 in rebates, making this an even more cost-effective solution to their comfort problems for years to come while adding additional value to their home.

Your Mitsubishi Ductless Elite Diamond Contractor

We know the homeowners are going to be incredibly happy with their additional comfort- and the smaller energy bills that are great news to any family!

If you have a home that’s plagued with hot and cold spots like this one, give us a call at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ll help design a cost-effective system for your home that will give you the comfort you crave without compromising on efficiency or value.