Ductless Giveaway Winner cools first floor with a
Single Zone Mitsubishi Ductless system in West Dundee, IL

Here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., we believe in the Mitsubishi Electric ductless heating and air conditioning systems so much, we run a ductless giveaway program to help a lucky family see for themselves what a difference ductless can make.

Problem: New homeowners entered our ductless giveaway in hopes of eliminating the need for some of the window air conditioners to make their home more comfortable.

Solution: We installed a single zone Mitsubishi ductless system that will keep their downstairs cool and comfortable year-round, with energy-efficient heating and cooling.

We Won! Comfort is just around the corner…

The winners this year of our Mitsubishi Ductless giveaway were the owners of this lovely Victorian style home built in 1891 in West Dundee. Homes like this one were built long before central air was available. You can see from the picture they are using window air conditioners to help keep the home cool in the summer throughout the home. Not only are the homeowners losing the use of windows for about half the year, they also lose a few hours each Spring and Fall putting in and taking out all those window units. Window air conditioners are a pain to install every year, and if you don’t store them properly, they can grow mold and mildew which can cause health problems. Plus, they are notoriously inefficient, giving you not only noisy, inadequate comfort, but big energy bills as well.

This terrific home currently uses a hot water boiler and radiators for heat and has been relying on window air conditioners for cooling. When we sat down with them to discuss where they wanted their new ductless system, they settled on the first floor of the home, where the family spends most of their time together.

We installed a 12,000 BTU Mitsubishi Electric Hyper Heat single zone ductless system, with the wall unit located in the living room. Because of the airflow on the first floor, this location will be able to keep a large portion of the first floor cool in the summer and provide supplemental heat in the winter.

Mitsubishi ductless systems have two main parts- an outdoor condenser unit, and an indoor, wall mounted unit, giving these systems the nickname “mini-splits”. The outdoor condenser uses inverter technology with a high-efficiency heat pump to provide incredibly efficient heating and cooling. In this case, the outdoor unit was designed to work with one indoor unit. However, you can get outdoor units that can power up to eight individual zones of comfort inside, each one independently adjustable to provide you the heating AND cooling comfort you want, right where you need it most.

Each indoor unit creates a separate zone of comfort and is independently adjustable. That means the temperature on the first floor and that on the third floor don’t have to be the same- and you can even power the units down into power save mode or turn them off when not in use! That can save you a lot of money by not heating and cooling rooms when they’re not in use.

For this home, we connected the low-profile outdoor unit to an indoor, wall-mounted unit, sometimes called a cassette, located up on the wall, out of the way. This indoor unit uses state of the art sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity in a room and make small adjustments to keep the room perfectly comfortable. In fact, these units are so efficient that Energystar says they can reduce the energy needed to heat your home by 60% and can cut cooling costs by 30% compared to window air conditioners. That means big savings for this family in energy bills every month!

Best of all, with the new Mitsubishi Electric Hyper Heat Ductless system, our homeowners will be able to use the system to add that touch of heat you might want on a frosty fall morning, letting them avoid turning on the heat for the whole house for weeks, if not longer. That also leads to substantial energy savings- something every homeowner can really appreciate.

We know this family is going to love the additional comfort ductless brings to their home. And, in the future, if they ever want additional comfort, they can add additional indoor units and create additional comfort zones throughout their home, wherever they are needed most.

If you have a home without central air or ductwork, and you want to be more comfortable year-round, give us a call here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.. Our experts can design a solution to make sure you are comfortable every day of the year-while saving money on energy bills as well. Just give us a call today!