Quiet Comfort & Lower Bills With Daikin VRV Life: Schaumburg, IL

Problem: The air conditioner in a Schaumburg, IL split level was expensive to run. It was also very loud – especially the outdoor unit on the patio. It was hard to entertain outside.

Solution: Installed a Daikin VRV Life system. The heat pump-based system provides exceptional comfort with lower energy bills. And the outdoor unit is virtually silent.

We got a call from a Schaumburg, IL homeowner who was ready for an upgrade in the summer. His current air conditioner worked well enough but left a lot to be desired.

In particular, it used a lot of power. That’s nothing new — we’re all used to seeing our electric bill skyrocket in the summer. But, our homeowner thought, it’s 2021! There has to be better technology out there.

And, he was right.

That wasn’t his only concern. He loved entertaining on his back patio. But, sometimes, it felt like he had to choose between sitting outside with friends or keeping the house cool.

That big condenser sitting outside made a ton of noise! It made relaxing out there tricky, especially if it was just the homeowner and his wife trying to enjoy some outdoor peace and quiet.

So, our homeowner called us here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.. We ran through some ideas and options with him, and then we recommended the Daikin VRV Life system. It checked all the boxes on this homeowner’s wishlist — and then some.

In this case study, we’ll review:

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Energy Efficiency With A Heat Pump

Let’s start with energy efficiency. One of our homeowner’s goals was using less electricity — and paying less on his utility bills — without sacrificing comfort. The Daikin VRV Life system uses far less energy than a conventional AC. And, it can do an even better job.

Most important here is the heat pump outside. That takes the place of the big, boxy AC condensers you’re used to seeing near the house. Or, in the case of this Schaumburg, IL home, right on the back patio.

This unit is crucial to the Daikin system’s superior energy efficiency. And that’s in large part because the system has a variable-speed motor.

Here’s why that’s important.

Central air has two modes: Full power or off completely. That’s why it turns on and off a few times every hour: It gets your house to the temperature you want, then shuts off until it gets too hot again.

But, it takes a lot of electricity to start from nothing over and over again. And to “fix” the temperature once it’s drifted.

By contrast, the Daikin heat pump runs at various speeds. This way, it’s always maintaining the temperature you want to within a degree or two of the setting. And, it uses less power by not stopping and starting. Instead, most of the time, it’s in low-speed, low-power mode.

Silent Outdoor Unit – Great For Patios!

The next advantage of a heat pump vs. conventional central air with a condenser is the sound — or, more precisely, the silence!

The heat pump makes almost no sound at all. That’s thanks in large part to the variable-speed feature. And the fact that the system doesn’t pump air all through the house via ducts and vents.

Plus, the unit is smaller and sleeker than a large, boxy condenser. Now it’s really out of the way. Our homeowners have more room on their patio.

And, with a nearly-silent unit, they pretty much forget it’s there entirely! Inside, the house is cool and comfortable all the time. Outside, they can sit near it and read a book in peace without feeling interrupted at all.

Heating Or Cooling A Split Ranch Home

Let’s talk about inside the home for a moment. In particular, the challenges come with heating or cooling a split-level ranch home and how the Daikin VRV Life overcomes them.

The big problem is uneven heating and cooling. Air circulation gets weird when half the house is one story, and the other half is two. There’s always a room or two as a result that’s always too hot or too cold.

We see this in a lot of homes anyway. But, the split setups make it even worse in these suburban homes.

But, the Daikin VRV Life system is very versatile. We don’t have to use the conventional ductwork and vents setup. Instead, we can “zone” the home using air handlers in different rooms to overcome temperature differences.

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Installing Daikin VRV Life In A Schaumburg, IL Split Level

For this Daikin VRV installation, we went with air handlers throughout this split-level home to make sure each room got the treatment it needed.

Each of these wall-mounted units has a built-in thermostat. And each of them works independently of the others. That makes a significant difference: those problem rooms get customized treatment, while the others get just enough cooling. Even though they have different requirements, each one feels great.

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Meanwhile, the heat pump out back takes up just a little bit of room, right next to the house. And, as promised, it barely makes a sound.

Finally, our homeowner enjoys the summer his way: cool, comfortable, with peace and quiet and lower energy bills.

If your home in East Dundee, Schaumburg, Barrington, or anywhere in the Fox River Valley is ready for a comfort (and efficiency!) upgrade, reach out to us here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.. Starting with a free consultation, we’ll help you find the best solution for your home.