Ductless Mini-Split for this Hoffman Estates, IL Family Room

Problem: The furnace in a Hoffman Estates, IL split ranch home was noisy and took up most of the room in a closet. The homeowners wanted something quieter that took up less space when it was time to replace the unit.

Solution: Installed an outdoor heat pump with a wall-mounted ductless air handler in the home office and a floor-unit ductless air handler in the living room.

Furnace Repair In Hoffman Estates, IL

Compass Heating and Air is the name that Hoffman Estates homeowners and businesses trust for expert furnace repair and excellent service.

You should never ignore any furnace problem, no matter how small it seems. Even the most minor issues will get worse over time. Then, they become more challenging and more expensive to fix.

Four Tips To Avoid A Heater Scam This Winter

People can get desperate when their heat’s not working in the winter, and scammers know it! The best way to avoid a heater scam is by working with a reputable HVAC contractor. Here are four things to look for when choosing a company:

  1. Five-Star Google reviews
  2. A physical address you can visit
  3. Trucks with permanent (not removable) signage
  4. Positive referrals from friends and family

Furnace Replacement In Hoffman Estates, IL

For over a decade, Compass Heating and Air has been the trusted name for fast, reliable furnace replacements in Hoffman Estates, IL that are done right the first time.

As heating systems get older, they tend to require more repairs, even if you’ve kept up on your maintenance. That’s a sign they won’t last for too many more winters.

Local Spotlight: Douglas Forest Preserve

Call Compass Heating And Air at (630) 504-8688 for reliable, expert furnace replacement in Downers Grove, IL. We have an excellent reputation with dozens of five-star reviews for fast work done right the first time.

Local Spotlight: Downers Grove Park District Museum

A haven for birders, bike-riders, joggers and more, the Douglas Forest Preserve is a beautiful, pristine patch of wilderness right in our backyard! The Paul Douglas Trail itself is an 8.6-mile paved trail. It’s surrounded by a lake and other natural features.

If You Go

You can access the Paul Douglas Forest Preserve through the Grassy Ridge Meadow entrance on W Central Ave, just east of Huntington Blvd/Freeman Rd..

Ductless Fixes Heating and Cooling Issues in Oak Lawn, IL

Problem: The rooms on the upper level of an Oak Lawn, IL split-level home were always too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Solution: A ductless mini-split installation with air handlers in the three two bedrooms and a bathroom on the upper level.


Problem: Split-level home in North Maywood didn’t have adequate cooling in the main parts of the home where people spent the most time, and the basement level was damp and clammy.

Solution: Two zones of Mitsubishi ductless heating and air conditioning to resolve the uncomfortable parts of the space and the humidity in the basement.

Ductless HVAC Installation for this Fox River Grove, IL Split Level Home

Problem: Homeowners of this split-level home were looking for more comfort than they were getting from window air conditioners in the summer, and they were tired of having to install and store the heavy, bulky units every year.

Solution: We installed a two zone Mitsubishi Electric ductless HVAC system, to create two independent zones of complete comfort all year long, while also reducing energy bills.


Problem: The owners of this Split level home were tired of the uneven heating and cooling throughout the home. The window units they were using for air conditioning were noisy and expensive to run, and they never seemed to get enough heat in their first-floor family room.

Solution: 3 zones of Mitsubishi Ductless heating and air conditioning, one for the master bedroom, one for the family room and one for the kitchen/dining room will ensure the family finally has the comfort they crave every day of the year.

Ductless Mini Split: Year Round Comfort in Bartlett, IL Sunroom

Problem: A converted garage space and sunroom needed year-round comfort.

Solution:Created two zones of Mitsubishi Electric Hyper Heat ductless mini split. This setup provides the homeowners with year-round comfort and makes the family room and sunroom their favorite spots in the house!

A Daikin Fit System In A Streamwood Split Level

Problem: Second floor bedrooms over garage wouldn’t keep a constant temperature; aging 20 year old standard natural gas furnace and single stage air conditioner were nearing the end of their life cycle, and starting to cost more and more in repairs, and in escalating monthly energy bills.

Solution: Replace the existing system with a new Daikin FIT variable speed inverter system that will not only make the bedrooms over the garage comfortable year round, it will also even out the temperature and comfort level throughout this split level home.