Better Air Conditioning and Lower Energy Bills With Daikin Fit

Air conditioning feels great in the summer — until the electric bill comes in. That’s when, maybe for just a second, you wonder if the cooling is worth it.

Fortunately, you can have it both ways: Amazing, comfortable, quiet air conditioning with lower electric bills. The secret is a Daikin Fit air conditioning system.

Daikin Fit is a heat pump system that you can connect to traditional ductwork or ductless air handlers. This way, you can use it for your entire home or focus on a few problem areas.

Either way, it delivers amazing cooling at a fraction of the price you pay each month for central air.

Well, it’s really no big secret: These heat pumps don’t operate all that differently than your traditional central air. Instead, they do a few things much better than the conventional systems, and they use less energy to do them.

That all adds up to better comfort and lower bills.

In this article, we’ll talk about how Daikin heat pumps keep you cool for less money. Then, we’ll touch on some of the other features that make your home even more comfortable.

Better Comfort With Lower Bills

Daikin Fit heat pumps use inverter technology to keep your home more comfortable while using a fraction of the energy that traditional ACs require. This way, you stay cool and pay much less on your electric bill.

By always running, but always making small adjustments, it does a better job than by stopping and starting all the time.

It seems counter-intuitive at first when we say you save money by running it all the time. But, compare it to your car: Do you get better gas mileage stopping and starting at red lights? Or when you’re always moving when you’re out on the highway?

“Highway miles” use less gas than in the city because it takes more energy to stop and go. The same applies to your HVAC system.

Traditional AC cycles on and off a few times an hour. When the temperature dips, the thermostat tells it to turn back on.

Instead, a heat pump with an inverter hums along in a low-power mode most of the time. It continually maintains the temperature you want instead of suddenly correcting those fluctuations.

We’ll take it one step further: It’s like cruise control, where you get the best mileage because the machine is making the best decisions at all times for you.

And the advantages don’t stop there.

Better Temperature Control is Less Expensive

An air conditioner that’s always stopping and starting drives up your energy bill, just like it takes more gas for your car to accelerate from a stop. But for cooling and cars, there’s another factor: staying steady.

The cycling method that traditional central air uses is inefficient, even if it was the best option for decades. Now, things are different.

When your cooling system maintains the temperature, it’s using less electricity. With an inverter, there are no stops and starts. That also means much less wear and tear on the components.

So, they tend to last longer with fewer breakdowns.

Better Humidity Control

Another big advantage of the Daikin Fit is how well it controls the humidity in your home. Now, once again: that’s something every air conditioner does. Reducing humidity is an essential part of the cooling process.
And, once again: It’s something Daikin Fit just does better.

Your AC can only dehumidify when it’s working. So, traditional central air doesn’t remove excess moisture when it’s on the “off” part of its cycle.

But, since your Daikin heat pump is almost always working, it’s constantly removing water vapor from the air.

That makes you feel more comfortable overall, and less likely to fiddle with the thermostat. It also helps keep your home cool, which means the less time your system spends in high gear.

More Settings

Daikin takes things one step further: With a Fit heat pump setup, you can control the humidity without affecting the temperature!

Before this, the only way you could get extra dehumidification through your AC was by lowering the temperature. But, you’d end up driving up the electric bill and maybe ending up too chilly.

This way, you get the levels you want, both in terms of moisture and temperature. It’s a way to save even more money by fine-tuning your settings.

Daikin Fit Air Purification

Finally, we’ll mention Daikin’s Flash Streamer air purification technology. It doesn’t save you money directly. But, it’s an extra feature you don’t get from any other AC.

So, if you’re also concerned about your indoor air quality, this is a way to avoid spending money on an add-on purifier.

Plus, it will make your home much more comfortable.

You can buy an air purifier that attaches to your HVAC system. They’ll treat your entire home and work automatically, just like your heating and cooling system.

That’s way better than a plug-in unit you turn on and off. And that only works for one or two rooms. By contrast, the whole-home models are much stronger and reach your entire home.

But, Daikin took that idea and combined it with their air conditioning. Now, the built-in “Flash Streamer” neutralizes everything from pollen, dust mites, and mold to bacteria and viruses.

It also gets rid of odors from pets and household trash. And, it goes on the offensive. These systems get rid of pollutants throughout the house instead of waiting for them to pass through a filter.

There’s a lot of technical stuff about this process that we won’t get into here. But, it’s a nice bonus to a system that’s already cutting your bills significantly.

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