Do Heat Pumps Need Annual Maintenance? (HVAC Guide)

Do Heat Pumps Need Annual Maintenance? (HVAC Guide)At Compass Heating and Air we believe that your heat pump needs at minimum – annual maintenance. In the long run, scheduling an annual heat pump tune-up or maintenance will save you money.

I’ve been installing and servicing heat pumps in the Fox River Valley for years, and have learned the value of annual heat pump maintenance. So often when I go out to fix a broken down system, it hasn’t been serviced in years. Yearly heat pump service helps prevent breakdowns, increases energy efficiency, and lengthens the lifespan of your system. This article will dive a little further into the question: Do heat pumps need maintenance every year?

Why Does A Heat Pump Need Annual Maintenance?

Your heat pump needs annual maintenance for a number of reasons. Consider the fact that your heat pump handles both heating and cooling needs. In effect, your heat pump is operating for most of the year, providing either heating or cooling. Think about it – what other mechanical system in your home operates so consistently?

So in order to get the most out of your heat pump and avoid system malfunctions and other problems, scheduling a regular service is the move. Regular service will provide an inspection of your system, and we will perform preventive maintenance that can help identify areas of strain and expose wear and tear. Getting ahead of these issues before they cause problems is one of the benefits of regular service.

Annual Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

In an annual tune-up, your technician will go through a diagnostic checklist of components and parts that need to be examined for signs of deterioration and wear.

  • Examine and change out the air filter
  • Test Airflows to ensure there is no duct leakage
  • Examine all belts, blowers, coils, fans, and fins.
  • Lubricate motor and parts as needed
  • Test the charge on your systems’ refrigerant and recharge if necessary
  • Test all thermostats to ensure proper calibration and function

Benefits of Heat Pump Yearly Maintenance

A yearly maintenance for your HVAC system will lead to better quality heating and cooling, lower electric bills, and improved indoor air quality. Plus, regular professional service for your heat pump could keep the warranty valid. Most require it.

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Better Heating and Cooling

Seamless heating and cooling is an expected part of our lives when we have an HVAC system at home. When your air conditioner or heating system is running smoothly and well, providing you with a comfortable environment, well, life is as it should be. So it is important to head off problems before they happen with an annual tune-up.

Lower Electric Bills

Regular servicing enables your system to run at peak performance. It ensures maximum energy efficiency and maximum comfort. And energy efficiency means energy savings – fewer dollars spent on utility bills!

A Heat Pump Service Should Be Done Once A YearLonger Lifespan

Regular system tune-ups have been shown to extend the life of your system, ensure fewer breakdowns, ease system fatigue and wear and tear, and maximize your comfort year-round.

Valid Warranty

Most newly installed heat pumps come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The conditions of a warranty typically require preventive servicing of the heat pump. At Compass Heating and Air, we are happy to service your heat pump, and keep your warranty intact!

Usual Heat Pump Maintenance Cost For A Year

The average cost for a heat pump tune-up service call is between $100 and $350. Of course, costs to repair or replace parts or equipment or any needed additional work are priced on an as-needed basis.

We have found that regular maintenance can frequently prevent those extra unwelcome “surprises” that add up to extra service fees. Instead of viewing heat pump annual maintenance as an additional cost, we like to think it’s an investment in our system. It helps keep us more comfortable, and save money on energy bills and repairs in the long run.


Over the years we have found that many of our customers ask these few questions. So I have put together some brief answers to these most frequently asked questions.

Do heat pumps last longer than AC units?

Since heat pumps provide both heat and AC, and operate year-round, a heat pump lifespan is 15 years with proper maintenance. Since an air conditioner operates only in the hotter months, its lifespan is about 20 years.

What is the lifespan of a heat pump?

A well-maintained heat pump lifespan is approximately 15 to 20 years. Without proper maintenance, we estimate around 7-12 years.

Are heat pumps hard to maintain?

Heat pumps are among the easiest and safest air comfort units to maintain. Homeowners are able to perform several tasks to help maintain their heat pump. Regularly changing out the air filters and making sure that your outside unit is clear of debris in surrounding areas and has proper air circulation is a quick and easy task.

But if self-maintenance is not your thing, ask your HVAC technician for information about maintenance membership plans. Many of these plans offer incentives and discounts on services and accessories as well as priority scheduling when there is a problem.

Always remember, that your HVAC technician is a highly trained professional licensed in handling gasses and fluorocarbons, a major component in cooling. Always make that call to your technician if you suspect a coolant leak or malfunction. Heat pump maintenance in Downer’s Grove.

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