Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Elgin IL

All across Europe, Mitsubishi Ductless Hyper Heat Systems are being used to control the climate in homes and businesses, and are even being used to help heat and cool the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam! This same technology is now making its way all throughout the Hoffman Estates, IL area.

But how does ductless work, and how can it make your home more comfortable?

Mitsubishi Ductless Hyper Heat Systems are essentially super-efficient heat pumps. Old heat pump systems would lose their efficiency when the temperature dropped below 40 degrees, but the Mitsubishi Hyper Heat systems, using innovative inverter technology, can maintain efficiency all the way down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit! That will handle most winters throughout our area with ease. In the summer, Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Systems can also act as state of the art air conditioning systems, delivering comfort throughout the room at only 22db- whisper quiet, making it a perfect solution for a TV room, bedroom, nursery or even a home office!

Mitsubishi Electric Hyper Heat systems don’t require ductwork, so it means you can put them just about anywhere, giving you additional heat or air conditioning where you want it most. Instead of considering whether you should replace your whole conventional system, you can create a single separate zone or multiple zones of heating and air conditioning in those areas that have problems- like a sunroom, basement, attic, bonus room over a garage, or a master bedroom with cathedral ceilings- anywhere that never seems to be as comfy as it should be.

Unlike heat pumps from the past, Mitsubishi Ductless Hyper Heat systems have a hot start- eliminating drafts, and distribute heat evenly throughout a space. The FH series also employs state of the art i-See sensors that divide your room into 752 separate 3-dimensional mini-zones, measuring temperature, humidity, and it can even detect the location of people in a room to ensure that it distributes comfortable air evenly throughout a space. The sensors are then also able to detect when no one is in the room and go into power-save mode, enabling them to save you additional money by not cooling or heating a space that isn’t being used by your family.

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In the Hoffman Estates area, winters are no joke! It can get plenty cold, with daily highs in the ‘teens and 9 or more inches of snow in January, on average.

This past winter, we had crazy temperature swings, with lows in the single digits on some days, and highs in the low 50’s on others! That makes it hard to predict your own energy use, and it can be a real challenge to keep your home comfortable with these kinds of swings! Having a system that can add just the amount of comfort you need, right where you need it most is a blessing when we get this kind of crazy weather, and Mitsubishi Ductless is designed to do just that.

Mitsubishi Ductless Hyper Heat Systems consist of two basic parts- an outdoor condenser unit, and an indoor cassette. Indoor cassettes come in a couple different varieties- wall mounted units, floor mounted units and ceiling units. Each outdoor condenser can control up to eight indoor cassettes, making the system incredibly modular and flexible. With each indoor unit creating a separate zone of comfort where it is located, you can create pinpoint comfort control right where you need it most.

Let’s look at an example. One of the families we’ve worked with in Lisle, IL has a beautiful cottage style home, but the master bedroom was never comfortable, winter or summer. A single zone of Mitsubishi ductless allowed her to adjust the comfort level as needed in the master, so she can finally sleep through the night without waking up to a frosty floor in the morning! The system also runs at only 22db, whisper-quiet, meaning no extra noise and ensuring a peaceful, restful night. Even in the dead of winter, the homeowner can now add a touch of heat from the remote without even leaving the bed, making getting ready in the morning a pleasure!

Best of all, the homeowner has heating or cooling right where they need it. This lets them avoid turning on the main whole home heating system for weeks, saving money on energy bills!

By creating a separate zone of heating, you can get the supplemental heat you want, right where you need it most, just like this homeowner in Lisle. That means on chilly fall mornings, you can add a touch of heat before leaving bed, eliminating a dance across a cold floor when getting ready. Then you can turn the system off during the day when it’s not needed. You can also add a touch of heat at night, if needed, to make sure you drift off to sleep in perfect comfort, without resorting to mounds of heavy blankets!

Creating separate zones of comfort throughout a home also saves money! By controlling the comfort in a particular space, you get the comfort you need, when and where you need it, without affecting the temperature of the whole home at the same time. It’s super easy- all you do is adjust your comfort level with a remote control- You can even opt for a wireless controller that allows you to adjust the unit from an app on your smartphone, giving you control of the system without ever leaving your chair! (You can even add Alexa control if you like!)

Likewise, when not in use, you can turn the units off altogether, helping you save energy by not heating or cooling rooms that aren’t in use and that can help you save significantly on your energy bills, winter and summer alike.

Mitsubishi electric ductless units employ inverter technology-something you usually only see on high end, whole-home heating systems, that allow the unit to use the minimal amount of energy necessary to maintain your perfect comfort level , getting rid of those crazy temperature swings you get with standard heating and cooling systems while saving money- that’s something every homeowner can appreciate.

Take the example of our homeowners in Huntley, IL. They had a new baby on the way and wanted to make sure the new nursery and their other son’s rooms were perfectly comfortable, winter and summer. They needed the system to be quiet, to make sure they could hear the baby on a monitor or if their older son got up in the middle of the night. Two zones of Mitsubishi ductless, one in each child’s room, ensured that each child could have the comfort they needed.

Now the parents can adjust the temperature in each room- one for a sleeping baby, and the other for a playing toddler- and both can be comfortable, in different parts of the home. The units are mounted up on the wall, far away from little hands, and there’s less arguing about who has to get out of a warm bed for a fussy baby- the nursery is perfectly comfortable, and easily adjustable to perfect comfort. Likewise, as the kids get older, the parents can simply shut off the units while the kids are at school and the rooms aren’t in use, saving money on energy bills as well.

Best of all Mitsubishi ductless units are so efficient, they qualify for special rebates through Energy Star. And because Compass is a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, we can offer twelve-year warranties on each system to ensure you have the comfort you crave and peace of mind for years to come.