Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning in Hoffman Estates, IL and Surrounding Areas
The Main Advantage of Going Ductless
More and more homeowners are recognizing the value of going with Ductless heating and air conditioning in Hoffman Estates, IL. There are so many valid reasons to use this technology to solve many common issues such as a single room that just doesn’t heat or cool the same as the rest of the home, or possibly, you have a sunroom you want to use all 4 seasons but need heat and air conditioning added; ductless heating and air conditioning equipment is a perfect match!

Or you may just want to finish a basement but your existing HVAC system isn’t large enough to handle the extra load. A ductless system is a perfect solution for those and many other scenarios! Don’t limit ductless systems to just one room applications. These systems are being used to heat and cool entire homes today with energy efficiency ratings that are off the chart! Did you know there are many times more ductless systems sold worldwide than conventional furnaces and air conditioners?

Did you know the highest rated efficiency of any system any brand is ductless? SEER ratings on specific ductless models now go as high as 33.1 SEER! Currently, a conventional “unitary” system can only achieve the highest rating of 25 SEER, which is 25% lower than the best ductless models! The efficiency of these systems have made them the go- to choice for customers striving to achieve LEED or Net Zero ratings on their home (a current requirement for new construction by 2032); you can create electricity with solar or wind power, you cannot produce natural gas.

These models provide a lot of flexibility for installation since they are not dependent on having large bulky ductwork and offer many choices of indoor configurations. You won’t need all the room that conventional duct systems use; thereby, freeing up space for other more important things in your home.

Most ductless system

Most ductless systems today are heat pumps.
They work just like an AC system but in addition to cooling your home, they also provide heat when you need it. There was a time when heat pumps were only used in southern regions of the country but with many designs and efficiency improvements made over the last 15 years, heat pumps can now operate in northern regions of the country with temperatures down to -13F and below with minimal loss of capacity! Mitsubishi has been leading the way with innovative designs that set the standard for other manufacturers.

Their “Hyper Heat” technology is in a class by itself; the first unit able to run in sub- zero temperatures while providing all the heat needed to keep you and your home toasty warm! No one else has this type of innovation incorporated into their equipment! In addition to high performance and energy savings from these new models of ductless units, they also operate at significantly lower sound levels! You won’t have to turn the TV up just to hear it every time your unit turns on. Most of the noise generated from your conventional HVAC system comes from the blower which produces large amounts of air coming out of the ducts.

Ductless systems only produce enough air for the area it is heating and cooling thereby reducing the sound level to a whisper! Comfort from temperature and sound paired with reliable equipment is just the kind of peace of mind most of us desire in our heating and cooling system!

Fast Installations for Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning

Ductless units can be installed in shorter times due to no need for ductwork to be added to the system. You save the expense of the ductwork and the time it takes to install the ductwork, were it needed. Ductless heating and air conditioning in Hoffman Estates, IL provides a simpler, faster way to improve the comfort in your home and solve those hard to heat and cool areas that exist in most of our homes!

Our installation team is highly trained and equipped to provide fast reliable service and installations for any ductless system you would prefer to have installed in your home. With higher efficiencies and long life on these types of units you can save considerable amounts of money by investing in a ductless solution for your home verses a conventional system.

Why Chose a Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Dealer
This is an excellent question and one that needs an explanation. There are only 5 companies in all of greater Chicagoland and northern IL that meet the rigid standards required to be a Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Dealer! Compass Heating and Air Conditioning is the only one of those five to be a veteran owned locally run family business! That is a testament to how strict and difficult the requirements are to achieve that status level. To start, a dealer must sign and follow through on a code of conduct which is entirely based on ethics and respect for customers. Then there is training requirements that have to be maintained so that the quality of installation and service is kept at the highest levels.

There are requirements for maintaining a parts inventory so you have on hand whatever is needed should something ever go wrong and a repair is required. You need to have a physical building location where you conduct business which ensures you are doing business with a legitimate, in it for the long- haul company. On top of all that, you have to be nominated by a distributor partner for the status. The distributor is the boots on the ground ensuring all standards that are required are being maintained. This is an investment a company makes to be counted among the best in the state. You end up with a superior installation with a superior product in your home!

Ductless Heating, Air Conditioning, and Air Quality
Traditional homes that integrate duct systems also have the added expense of ductwork maintenance in order to ensure quality air is circulating through their homes. However, with the newer ductless systems, air quality is vastly improved since there is nowhere for dirt, dust and household contaminate to collect like they do in your duct system. Did you know MOLD does not grow on your ducts, but rather on the debris that has collected inside your ducts? Every time your home comfort system turns on you blow some of those contaminants and spores into your home for you and your family to breathe.

With a ductless system there is nowhere for dirt to collect and become a mold breeding location. You no longer have to deal with allergens and dust that have been left in the ducts. With Ductless heating and air conditioning in Hoffman Estates, there are various filtration stages that the air is circulated through before it can enter your home. These, of course, help to eradicate up to 99% of the harmful particles that otherwise would have been circulating through your home.

Call for a quick consultation and more information about ductless systems and how your family would benefit from one of these systems being installed in your home.

Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning Is Cost-Effective
Believe it or not, most homeowners opt to have ductless heating and air conditioning installed in their homes mainly because of the overall savings. Traditional systems have a tendency to skyrocket utility bills. Since systems with no ducts operate with less power they will have lower operating expenses. With a conventional home heating and cooling system your entire system turns on and heats and cools the entire house even if only one or two rooms are being used.

A ductless system allows you to heat and cool as much or little of the home as you are using. Effectively, you are heating and cooling your home by zoning it which greatly reduces energy costs. During the day no one is using the second floor (bedroom area) of your home; no problem, you don’t have to heat or cool the unused area, while maintaining a comfortable area in the space you are utilizing. The
energy savings can be huge.

The Best Brands of Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning Units
There are many different brands to choose from when it comes to ductless heating and air conditioning in Hoffman Estates. It doesn’t really come as a surprise that more and more people are wondering which brands to go with. We understand the need for picking a quality brand. The part that gets over looked is who and how the unit is being installed. That is the single most import piece of the entire equation. A great unit installed poorly will run and perform poorly.

At Compass Heating and Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on superior installations and unmatched installation and repair experience with variable capacity equipment. It takes a little longer to do every step, but you end up with a not only great looking install but a system that will have a high level of performance for years to come!

There are many options available to us when choosing what brand to promote; so the reason we teamed up with the Mitsubishi product line is easy, they are the innovation leaders in this field and have a unit for every situation. They have been a leader in the ductless industry for decades. Many of the accepted industry standards today were created by Mitsubishi and with their research and development team continuously working on making the equipment more efficient and reliable; we are sold on the quality.

Many people understand finding a dependable, reliable company such as Compass Heating and Air Conditioning to manage their new equipment installation is more important to ensuring a great-working system than the brand itself and we agree. Yet having a manufacturing partner like Mitsubishi makes our job that much easier. Great products, fantastic support, and high-end performance make their equipment, in our professional opinion, the absolute best money can buy! If you want to find out why we are one of the top dealers in the state and how that impacts you give us a call today!

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