Furnace Tune Up Cost (Check-And-Clean) In Elgin, IL [2023]

Furnace Tune Up Cost (Check-And-Clean) In Elgin, IL [2023]Making sure that your furnace is running in tip top shape is the first step to extending the life of your furnace and guaranteeing a winter of warmth and comfort. That is why investing in an annual furnace tune up is a smart idea and a smart investment.

Here at Compass Heating and Air, we have made it our business to understand the needs of our Elgin, Il. community. When my wife and I started our business in 2011, we incorporated the “code”, the lessons from the military and created a solutions-oriented, responsive business that provides real value.

We are pleased to be able to share some of the money saving tips that we have learned over the years with you.

Furnace Maintenance Costs: A Closer Look

Furnace maintenance costs are money saving in the long run. Costs for a furnace tune up can vary somewhat based on the type of fuel that powers the furnace. And of course, labor costs can vary somewhat. Here is a break out of some of the things that factor into a maintenance service call.

Fuel Type

The type of fuel that powers your furnace can make a difference to the cost of your tune up. The three types of fuel that can power your heating system are:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Oil

We will talk more about the pros and cons later on.


Labor costs can vary depending on your location and whether you use a trained, licensed professional. Make sure that your service technician is trained on your system and is fully licensed and insured and has the backing of a reputable business. A full tune up done correctly is a money saver, but if it’s done by an amateur, it can actually be a bad thing.


Your furnace’s filter is the first line of defense to ensure a well-functioning system. And it is the part that can be easily performed by the homeowner. A clean air filter ensures good air quality. A dirty air filter makes the system run harder, expending more energy to provide heat.

Inspection Time and Scope

A truly good inspection will cover all mechanical parts. It will provide a thorough inspection that will make sure that all component parts are functioning and working properly. The time involved is usually around 2 hours.

Cost of Furnace Service: Additional Factors

Additional factors that can affect your tune up cost can vary. Here is a list of some other factors that might affect your service and costs.

  • Service type – Many companies have multiple maintenance-plan tiers for various levels of cleaning and repairs offering discounts.
  • Time of year discounts during off peak months
  • Number of units – Get discounts for servicing multiple units or a full HVAC system.
  • Labor – Rates increase for hard-to-reach furnace locations and emergency calls.
  • Maintenance plan– A dedicated service plan can provide discounts on labor or parts.
  • Time since last service – Tune-ups often cost more for systems not serviced for more than 1 year.
  • Warranty – Check to see if your original warranty is still valid
  • Insurance -Check your homeowner’s insurance to see if it might cover any repairs.

Any Necessary Furnace Repairs

Changing The Air Filter Is Simple But ImportantSometimes a heating inspection reveals the need for repairs. Typical repairs might include parts, a defective blower motor or a cracked heat exchanger, or possibly some of the other electrical components. If that is the case, make sure that you get a complete estimate so that you can decide whether the cost of repair is worth it or whether a total replacement is needed. You may also want to get a second opinion and compare pricing and recommendations.

Coverage From A Warranty or Maintenance Plan

Warranty coverage or a maintenance plan is usually offered with a new HVAC system. But remember to read your warranty plan carefully to see if you still qualify and are under the warranty period. Some manufacturers require yearly maintenance to stay under warranty.

Many maintenance plans offer service discounts or discounts for multiple units. Plus some providers offer time-of-year discounts for their less busy times. This helps keep your yearly furnace maintenance costs down. Make sure that you check your warranty contract and your HVAC technician for any discounts available to you.

Furnace Tune Up Costs (Check-And-Clean) And Fuel Type

Actual furnace service costs vary depending on the age, model, and fuel source. Here is a quick breakdown of tune up costs.

Gas Furnace Tune Up (Check-And-Clean)

The average cost of a gas furnace tune up including cleaning and full furnace service is between $80 and $170.

Electric Heater Tune Up Cost (Check-And-Clean)

The average electric furnace tune-up cost including cleaning cost and an overall furnace maintenance cost is between $70 and $130.

Oil Heater Tune Up Cost (Check-And-Clean)

An oil furnace tune up will cost between $100 and $200 primarily because cleaning their advanced system components costs a little more than an electric furnace.

Furnace Tune-Up Process For a Check-And-Clean

Every service company has their own way of servicing its customers. But a comprehensive inspection should include the following items.

  • Inspecting the flue & vent connections
  • Cleaning or changing the filter
  • Ignitor testing
  • Dusting the furnace interior, vents, & external coils
  • Checking the fan belts, blowers, & motors
  • Adjusting the pilot light & burners
  • Checking fuel-source connections
  • Performing a combustion analysis for gas & oil furnaces
  • Checking electrical components
  • Inspecting ducts for leaks
  • Checking the heat exchanger
  • Inspecting the furnace condensate drain for clogs
  • Testing thermostat settings

Your technician should do a thorough inspection of your system, making sure that all parts are functioning properly and working to their maximum efficiency.

5 Ways to Reduce Annual Furnace Maintenance Costs

Like any mechanical system, your furnace needs a little love from the homeowner. If you want to keep your heating tune up costs to a minimum and your energy bills under control while enjoying a nice warm home, follow these 5 tips:

  • Change the furnace filters every 90 days
  • Address any issues/ funny noises right away. These things rarely get better on their own.
  • Make sure that your system’s ductwork is clean and clear. It is amazing how often unwanted dirt and debris find their way into the ductwork impeding the airflow. This hurts your system’s efficiency and performance.
  • Make sure that your home is well insulated
  • Invest in an annual maintenance plan. It is good insurance against unforeseen problems.


Compass Heating and Air has been around since 2011, and in that time, we’ve dealt with thousands of different furnaces. I put together a few of the most asked questions in case you may have been wondering the same things!

How long does it take to tune up a furnace?

A thorough furnace tune-up takes between 1 to 2 hours time. If repairs are needed it can take longer, but it’s generally a few hours tops.

How often does an HVAC system need a tune-up?

I recommend that you have your HVAC system tuned up annually. You should have an HVAC contractor take a look at your furnace and air conditioning system at least once a year.

Is a furnace tune up worth it?

Having your furnace tune-up performed annually by a trusted technician is essential to getting the most out of your system. You can cut energy costs up to 30%, ensure there is no danger like a carbon monoxide leak, and make sure your home is comfortable and cozy! Furnace check-and-cleans in Hoffman Estates.

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