Installing A New Daikin FIT System In Pinegree Grove, IL

Installing A New Daikin FIT System In Pinegree Grove, ILOur Pingree Grove, Illinois homeowner was looking to solve two problems when they decided to upgrade their townhome HVAC system. 

First – they wanted to find an HVAC system that could wouldn’t take up a ton of space, inside or outside. 

Second – their new system would need to provide quiet year round heating and cooling that could handle the cold Illinois winters and the warm summers.

These are common requests, and nothing we haven’t taken care of in the past. Our experts we confident we could find the right FIT for them… pun intended.

How a Relatively New HVAC System Failed To Live Up To Expectations

Our homeowner’s original HVAC system was new when the house was built in 2008. It proved to be not very energy efficient and to add insult to injury, it was loud, noisy and took up a lot of room in their very cramped utility space.

After consulting with our expert Compass technicians, we were able to put fresh eyes on their problem and come up with the perfect solution. Let’s break down their scenario.

Our Homeowners Situation

  • Type home:  Attached townhome located in Pingree Grove, IL.
  • Configuration: 1,798 sq. ft., 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths
  • Space requirements: Our homeowner needed a compact system able to fit into a small utility area needing to accommodate HVAC and laundry.
  • Temperature Range: 15 degrees in winter to 82 degrees in summertime

What Our Customers Needed

Our customers needed a very specific kind of year round heating and cooling solution able to accommodate the space constraints with a low/small profile and also able to provide year round comfort.

The Compass Recommendation

The Daikin FIT Was The Perfect SolutionAfter careful measuring and site evaluation, we were able to recommend a Daikin FIT air conditioner and Variable speed 2 – stage furnace. 

This powerhouse of a system was able to provide our homeowners with increased energy efficiency with a drastically reduced noise level.

What’s more, the Daikin FIT air conditioner and Variable speed 2 – stage furnace took up a much smaller internal and external profile giving our homeowners the desired unobtrusive look easily tucked away near the house and camouflage by plantings.

As you can see in the photo, the exterior air handler is small and unlike the more boxy air handlers sits unobtrusively tucked away near the house foundation.

The interior furnace unit has a very slim profile and fits very easily into their compact utility/laundry space.

The Daikin FIT Air Conditioner and Variable Speed 2 – Stage Furnace Features

The Daikin FIT has an intelligent compressor drive module that provides variable speed operation. That means that this quietly operating system can push just the right amount of conditioned air to meet the specific requirements of your space. 

Variable speeds mean that you will experience minimal temperature fluctuations and your system will achieve the desired set temperature faster after an extended period of interrupted use – like when you set your thermostat to a different setting when you go to work or vacation.

The Daikin Smart Thermostat is The Command Center

At the core of the Daikin Fit system, the Daikin ONE+ smart thermostat is the cloud-connected hub of a sophisticated, integrated solution for controlling temperatures and monitoring air quality.

Learn More About the Daikin FIT Solution

Compass Heating and Air Conditioning is a certified Daikin dealer and service provider. If you are living in the Pingree Grove, Illinois area and are looking for heating and cooling solutions, look no further than Compass. 

As a veteran owned business we have been serving the Pingree Grove area since 2011. As our business has grown with the area, we understand the changing needs of our community and your desire for reliable information and service. Contact us today and learn more about the new Daikin FIT system and also tax credits and rebates offered for new systems.