Enjoy Silent Air Conditioning Inside and Outdoors with Daikin Fit Near Elgin, IL

With a Daikin Fit heating and cooling system, you can finally get air conditioning for your entire home — without giving up space in your backyard or patio.

And, you’ll enjoy state-of-the-art comfort inside — without having to shout over it or turn up the volume on your TV.

These ductless heating and cooling systems hold plenty of benefits in both warm and cold weather. And, with summer coming, we’re focusing on features that make a difference outdoors and inside.

This article touches briefly on how these systems work. Then, we’ll look at how they operate silently without taking up a lot of space.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or want to know how a system like this could make your home more comfortable, call or email us here at Compass for a free consultation.

How Daikin Fit Cooling Works
Daikin Fit cooling works by using air handlers to dehumidify a room and transfer heat from inside to an outdoor heat pump. When the heat pump gets rid of that thermal energy, it returns cool air to the room. The indoor and outdoor components connect using small, flexible refrigerant lines.

If you’ve ever heard mini splits, or ductless heating and cooling, this is what we’re talking about.

There are plenty of advantages to this system. Older homes or homes without ductwork, for instance, can finally get cooling in every room without a lot of new construction.

Since we can usually run lines through the walls, they don’t impact the look and feel of your home.

You can also choose to treat the entire house or just one or two problem rooms. Since each air handler has a built-in thermostat, they can all work separately.

There are plenty of other benefits, but here we’re zeroing in one just one: silence, inside and outside.

Whisper-Quiet Air Handlers
Let’s start inside, and with one of the biggest complaints people have about their ACs: The noise. Sure, window units are the worst offenders, but even central air can get pretty loud.

The difference with Daikin Fit is that the air handlers are whisper-quiet. Decibel-wise, they are about the same as leaves rustling outside or people talking in hushed voices.

At home, that means you’ll never have to battle your cooling system to hear the television or have even a quiet conversation.

In most cases, you won’t hear a thing unless the room is silent.

Daikin Fit: Quiet Outdoor Operation
A common problem for homeowners in Barrington, East Dundee, or Elgin, IL, is where to put an AC condenser.

Those outdoor units take up a lot of space and make a lot of noise. If you’ve got a deck or patio, forget placing it anywhere near there.

Otherwise, you’ve got a big, ugly piece of equipment that makes a whole lot of noise. Enjoying some quiet time or a conversation around it is impossible.

Not so with Daikin Fit. The design and quiet operation and design make a big difference.

Swing Compressor
The Daikin Fit uses a swing compressor, which is different from a regular condenser and makes much less noise.

Without going into a whole mechanics tutorial, the long and short of it is that the compressor affects the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant in the system.

It does this through a mechanical process, where a component alternatively blocks various ports inside the unit and creates suction in it.

Most traditional ACs use compressors that make a lot of noise as they move around. But, the swing inverter compressor uses a different motion and creates much less vibration.

The end result is much, much quieter operation. And, the inverter technology drastically reduces your electric bill, too.

Saving Money With Inverter Technology

Inverter compressors operate like cruise control in your car. Imagine pumping the brakes and hitting the gas in the city, versus maintaining a nice, steady speed out in the country.

The stop-and-go requires more gas and creates more wear-and-tear on the car. The same goes for your central air that has to turn on and off a few times every hour.

Instead, the inverter often runs in a low-power mode. Once you reach the temperature you want, the system uses a tiny amount of electricity to maintain it. That’s different from kicking on and off as the temperature fluctuates.

Daikin Fit and Small Spaces
The next outdoor advantage of the Daikin Fit is how you can fit in almost anywhere. That’s thanks to its sleek dimensions and side-discharge design.

This is significant because you don’t need the usual clearance around a condenser. And, the old-fashioned units push exhaust up through the top.

That means you have to be strategic about where you place it. It can’t be too close to the house. And, you can’t put it under a deck or patio. Otherwise, the exhaust going up has nowhere to go.

Then, it backs up into the system, damaging it.

With side discharge, none of that is a problem.

Instead, you can get the compressor very close to your house. Since all the exhaust comes out one side, just make sure that side is facing out.

So, you can tuck it in right next to a chimney, for instance. Or, go ahead and place it totally out of the way beneath a deck.

Thanks to the side charge, everything will still work fine.

Daikin Fit Heating and Cooling Near Barrington, IL
There’s plenty more to say about these great systems: How they can make your home more comfortable than ever before, all the ways they save on your electric bill, and much more.

You can read more about them here and here. And, if you’d like to know how a system like this would fit in your home, call or email us today for a free consultation.