When Is The Best Time Of Year For AC Service?

When Is The Best Time Of Year For AC Service?Whether you have a central AC system or use mini-splits, regular maintenance is key to making sure your system works well when you need it. But what’s the best time to get your system serviced? We service air conditioning systems all Spring and Summer, and know that there are times that are more advantageous than others to have your service performed.  

In this article, I’ll tell you a bit more about when the best time of year to have your system serviced is, as well as why you are going to want to have your AC serviced regularly. 

One Simple Answer- Spring!

Scheduling your yearly maintenance for the Spring helps to make sure your system is ready once hot weather hits. You’ll make sure to stay ahead of any problems, like parts showing wear and tear, and you’ll avoid the peak season when our technicians are busiest, fixing AC for people who haven’t planned ahead!

Regular Maintenance Is Cost-Effective

Regular maintenance costs between $188 – $225 a year, and is much less than a typical AC repair which can be $300 or more, depending on the issue.

Regular maintenance also helps by:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Regular maintenance makes sure your AC system operates at peak efficiency, which lowers your energy bills by reducing the amount of energy needed. This also means you’ll be more comfortable, as your system will be working at its best.
  2. Increased Lifespan: Properly maintained AC units tend to last longer because they have fewer issues that lead to premature breakdowns. This prolongs the life of your system and it’s a good investment.
  3. Improved Air Quality: Maintenance includes cleaning or replacing air filters and other components, which helps maintain better indoor air quality by removing dust, allergens, and other contaminants.
  4. Prevention of Major Breakdowns: Routine check-ups can identify and address minor issues before they become major, costly problems. This reduces the likelihood of unexpected system failures. And unfortunately, systems break down most frequently when they are stressed during the hottest weather.
  5. Warranty Compliance: Many AC manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep the warranty valid. Skipping maintenance could void your warranty, leaving you responsible for expensive repairs- don’t void that warranty!

Overall, regular AC maintenance is a proactive way to ensure your system runs smoothly, saves you money in the long run, and provides comfort and peace of mind. If you aren’t sure when the last time your system was tuned up, be sure to give us a call here at Compass heating & Air. We’ll be happy to come out and service your AC system- whether it’s a central air conditioning, or a ductless system, and make sure it’s in good condition, to give you the best performance and indoor air quality. Our expert technicians can help make sure you spend your summer cool as a cucumber!