Why Daikin VRV Life is The Best Furnace for Homes Near Elgin, IL

Because of Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.’s service area, I get asked all the time about what the best furnace is for homes near Elgin, Il and in the surrounding areas.

It was always a tricky question. So much depends on home design, comfort challenges, and other factors. And like many things in life, we often have to compromise when it comes to home comfort.

Not any more.

Daikin VRV Life is the Best Furnace for a Home Near Elgin, IL

When Daikin designed their VRV system for residential use, they gave me the ability to adapt their system components to fit your home’s exact needs.

Daikin knows when we come into your home, we likely have to integrate your new equipment with existing ductwork.

And, this is where Daikin jumped to the head of the line. They’re the first HVAC manufacturer to design a gas furnace that we can integrate with a ductless heat pump and run them both off the same outdoor unit! This is an absolute gamechanger.

What is Daikin VRV?
Daikin VRV stands for “Variable Refrigerant Volume.” It’s a system designed to use as little energy as possible. It does this by detecting if there are people in a room or not.

Then, it uses the current temperature and the thermostat’s call to determine how much energy to use.

Finally, it adjusts the amount of energy it uses accordingly. It’s a much different process than your traditional furnaces or air conditioners. Those usually just cycle on and off as the temperature changes.

This system also supports zoned heating and cooling. That gets rid of the usual “one-size-fits-all” approach of one thermostat regulating the entire house – you know, when the upstairs is never quite the same temperature as the living room.

Instead, the Daikin system can measure different zones of your home separately. Then, it will regulate each independently from the others.

You’ll probably see other companies refer to this as VRF, or “Variant Refrigerant Flow.” It’s the same exact thing. But, Daikin invented the process and trademarked the VRV name.

They were the first, and, as far as I’m concerned, still the best.

Benefits of the Dual-Fuel Hybrid System
Daikin may have invented variable refrigerant volume. But, they’re certainly not the only company out there offering zoned HVAC. However, where they really shine is their dual-fuel hybrid system.

This setup allows us, your trusted HVAC company, to integrate their technology with the equipment that’s already in your home.

Imagine: You run your high-efficiency heat pumps until the weather demands the heating capacity of your gas furnace.

Then, you switch back to the heat pumps when the brunt of the winter is over.

It’s a system that intelligently alternates between energy sources – gas and electric – based on the most efficient option at the time.

In real-time.

This is all next-level residential home comfort technology. It would have been perfect for all those Fox River Valley homeowners who struggled to keep their homes warm this past winter.

Daikin VRV Life Offers Unmatched HVAC System Design Flexibility

One of my favorite things about the VRV Life system is that we can match it with either ductless or ducted inside air handlers—or a combination of both!

The Daikin system can use your existing ductwork. Then, it offers the flexibility of adding ductless indoor air handlers, too.

And, we already know ductless is absolutely amazing. Every ductless customer we have raves about their system.

The outdoor unit is capable of managing up to nine indoor air handlers. This lets you divide your home into up to nine different zones.

A different handheld remote precisely controls each zone.

If you have rooms that aren’t in use, you can turn off the air handler in those rooms. That saves even more energy – and more money on your bills.

And of course, there’s more!

When Daikin embarked on this bold design path, they definitely swung for the fences. Now, here’s why this matters — especially if you live near us in Kane County, IL.

Daikin designed a system that gives guys like me the very best chance of giving you exactly what you want.

VRV Life will:

  • Absolutely, positively keep you warm, even during brutal cold like last winter.
  • Reduce your energy use (Finally! A lower bill!).
  • Give you impeccable air conditioning when you need it.
Daikin VRV Life is Smaller and Quieter!
The benefits of a Daikin VRV system don’t stop with how well they work. There are also some practical considerations, too. Namely: They’re much smaller than the ACs and furnaces you’re used to. And, they’re way quieter.

That’s right, these systems run so quietly that I challenge homeowners to tell me when they are running. No more shouting over your outdoor compressor during your barbecue. No more interrupting your quiet time on the deck.

And in an industry where bigger was always the symbol of better, Daikin signals a return to elegant design based on better aesthetics and streamlined profiles.

The Benefits of Daikin VRV Life for Homes Near Elgin, IL

When you stack up the pros and cons, there isn’t a company in the residential home comfort industry with an offering that competes with Daikin on all fronts:

✓ Comfort
✓ Efficiency
✓ Technology
✓ Design
✓ Price

It’s smart to consider Daikin’s VRV Life when doing the homework on your next HVAC system. They really have thought of everything!

So, long story short: We here at Compass Heating and Air are proud to be Daikin Comfort Pros. And, we can’t wait to talk to you about your home and what a system like this can do for your unique needs. When you’re ready, reach out to us for a free consultation.