Why Should I Pay Money for an HVAC Maintenance Agreement in Barrington, IL?

We know what you’re thinking: You’re already paying for two clean-and-checks a year. Why should you sign up to pay your HVAC contractor every month, even if it’s just a few bucks each time?

The answer is because you’ll spend way less in the long run. And, you’ll have a lot less to worry about in the summer and winter.

Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. offers service plans for $168 a year for homes in the Fox River Valley. And, you get a lot for just $14 a month. Once you add up all the money you save, you’ll realize that you’ve spent less over a few years by paying this small monthly charge than if you hadn’t.

Even beyond dollars and cents is the added peace of mind, and there’s less to worry about when you know your HVAC company has your back.

We’ll get into all those great benefits in a moment. But first, let’s clear up exactly what we’re talking about.

What is an HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

An HVAC maintenance agreement is when you pay a small monthly fee to get services, perks, discounts, and more from your heating and cooling contractor. You’ll sometimes hear these referred to as “maintenance plans” or “service plans.”

These include those bi-annual clean-and-checks, where a tech inspects and cleans your furnace and air conditioner. This way, it’s in great shape for the season ahead. But, these plans offer much more than that.

At Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., our maintenance agreements includes:

  • Lifetime guarantee on parts and labor on parts we replace
  • Fall and spring clean-and-checks
  • 10 percent off all repairs
  • ”Front-Of-The-Line” priority service
  • No additional charges for weekends and holidays

    For the full list and more information, you can check out our page here. But, we’ll break down some of the more significant items below.

Annual Check-and-Cleans With Easy Appointments

First of all, the price of the service plan includes your two yearly clean-and-checks: your heater in the fall, and the AC in the spring. The visits are the same, but there’s an extra level of convenience; You don’t have to keep it in mind to call and set something up.

We make it easy for our service plan members! When the season rolls around, we’ll reach out to find the best time to swing by for an appointment. It’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Priority Service

Here’s the downside of having a reliable, trustworthy HVAC contractor: They get really, really busy in the summer and winter. Those are peak times when people’s heating and cooling systems are working their hardest. That means more breakdowns, which means waiting lists.

And, the companies with the best reputations get the most calls. That means it could take days before someone’s available to check out your system.

That’s not the case if you’re a service plan member. If you’ve ever had your air conditioner break down in August, you’ll probably think the yearly price is more than worth the money!

Priority service means you get bumped to the front of the line. There’s no waiting a couple of sweltering summer days or frozen winter nights until a tech is free. Service plan members get “Front-Of-The-Line” treatment.

Discounts and Guarantees

Heating and cooling systems aren’t built to last forever, and eventually, you’ll run into a problem. Of course, those problems will be fewer and less costly with regular maintenance than for someone who’s just running their system until it dies.

But, when those problems do pop up, they’ll be much easier for you to handle.

We already talked about the priority service. Just getting things handled quicker is a load off your mind. And, you won’t pay extra to have someone come out on weekends and holidays.

Next, you can take 10 percent off the final cost. And, you get even more peace of mind with lifetime guarantees.

Adding it All Up

Let’s stop here for just a moment. If you have any old invoices, check out how much you’re paying anyway for check-and-cleans. The price goes up and down over the years, sure. But even at its lowest, it’s already a big chunk of that $168.

Now, how about the last time you had something break down? You know, calling in a tech because the heater or AC is acting weird, or won’t turn on. Take ten percent of those, too.

Put that all together. Odds are it adds up to more than the $14 a month you’d spend with a plan. Especially if you have an older system, you’re likely ahead of the game by the second year.

And that’s just the financial benefit. You can’t put a price on knowing all the new parts in your system are guaranteed for life. Or never having to lug out a space heater or stand in front of an open fridge to cool off while waiting days for service. Or for not having to remember to call and set an appointment for regular maintenance.

Oh, wait! You can put a price on all that!

It’s just $14 a month.

HVAC Maintenance And Furnace Repair In Downers Grove, IL

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