Get The Most Out Of Your Heat Pump: Five Important Tips

If you have a heat pump in your Fox River Valley home, congratulations! You’re part of the future of heating and cooling in the United States. And that’s not just our opinion as a company specializing in this equipment. Or even as a family that uses one in our home as well).

In this article, we’ll go through five great ways to make sure your heat pump keeps you as comfortable as you want, all the time while using as little electricity as possible.

The first three tips are most valuable when choosing your first heat pump or replacing an old one. The last two are helpful no matter how long you’ve had your system.

And, if you have questions or want to learn more about a heat pump setup for a Fox River Valley home, you’ve come to the right place!

Compass Heating And Air is trained and certified on all major brands of heat pumps. We specialize in equipment from industry leaders Daikin and Mitsubishi. And, our personal passion for energy independence, comfort, and the new wave of home electrification means we want to help you feel as comfortable as we do in our homes.

Daikin VRV LIfe From Compass:
Four Ways To Get The Most From Your Heat Pump

  • Get A Right-Sized Model
  • Go With A High HSPF Rating
  • Consider Enlarging Your Ductwork
  • Get Annual Tune-Ups Or Check-And-Cleans

Get A Right-Sized Model

It’s always worth noting that bigger is not always better when it comes to your heating and cooling system. Sure, you may think you’ll get better heat and cooling with a more powerful system. But, go too far in that direction, and the opposite turns out to be true.

Heat pumps and furnaces are designed to work overtime to get your home to the temperature you want. That way, there’s plenty of treated air to sustain the temperature between heating cycles.

When the system’s too strong, you get a powerful blast of hot air that drives up the temperature. But, it gets cold again quickly because the system shuts off prematurely. Then, you haven’t had enough warm air circulating to keep things how you want it.

The opposite problem occurs in the summer. And, it’s a problem also for variable-speed units designed to run continuously at low-power modes to sustain an even temperature.

Instead of extra comfort, you end up with a system that keeps turning on and shutting off way more often than it should. This process causes enough excess wear and tear to take years off the life of your system.

Go With A High HSPF Rating

The heating season performance factor, or HSPF, measures the efficiency of your heat pump. That’s how much electricity it uses to produce the heat you want. The less power your system requires, the higher the efficiency.

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Of course, you get what you pay for: The installation price goes up along with the HSPF. But, that initial investment more than makes up for itself over time.

Those lower energy bills over time end up saving you more money than the extra expense you put up for a better model. And, since you use a heat pump all year long (it heats and cools), you’ll make back that investment and more.

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Consider Enlarging Your Ductwork

A heat pump can provide excellent comfort at a lower cost than conventional HVAC equipment. But, it’s still tied to your home’s ductwork system. And, if your ducts aren’t optimized, then neither is your heating and cooling source.

Sealing your ductwork is an excellent first step, especially if your home is older. Cracks, splits, and holes in the ductwork reduce your comfort and energy efficiency.

And, if you’re switching from a conventional furnace to a heat pump, ask your HVAC contractor about enlarging the ductwork. Without getting into all the technical stuff, heat pumps operate differently than gas or electric furnaces.

So, larger ductwork can help you optimize your new system.

Get Annual Tune-Ups Or Check-And-Cleans

Once your new heat pump is up and running, annual check-and-cleans are the best way to keep it doing just that!

With a regular tune-up and cleaning, you’ll be sure that your system is always running at its best. That means everything is clean and optimized, and you’re not relying on old or worn-out parts.

You’ll also keep your warranty intact. Read the fine print on the agreement, and you’ll see that the manufacturer requires regular service, or they don’t have to honor any guarantees.

We go into more detail about the benefits of clean-and-checks and maintenance plans for any HVAC system in our other articles.

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