This terrific brick home in Villa Park was built in 1928. Like most homes that age, it relies on a hot water boiler and radiators for heat, but there is no air conditioning or ductwork in the home. As a result, the homeowners were relying on bulky, noisy window air conditioners to try to keep cool. Not only were the air conditioners ugly, they took up windows for a good portion of the year, and were a pain to install in the Spring and then store in the Fall. They are expensive to run- causing huge spikes in energy bills during hot weather! The homeowner was looking for a reprieve from the noisy window AC units, especially in her master bedroom, and to get rid of the hassle of installing and storing those heavy window AC units once and for all. Our homeowner gave us a call at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning, after learning that Mitsubishi Ductless heating and air conditioning systems might work for a home without ductwork. For a home like this, adding ductwork would be incredibly expensive and destroy many of the great architectural features homeowners love. Problem: Our homeowner was tired of the Window Air Conditioner ritual- Installing them in the Spring, and wasting a whole weekend to store them in the Fall, only to be surprised by a heat wave that left her sweaty and unhappy. She wanted a better, more efficient way to cool her home, without costing a fortune to run. Solution: 3 zones of Mitsubishi Ductless air conditioning, one for the master bedroom, 2nd floor hallway and dining room will ensure our homeowner has the cooling comfort she wants throughout her home, as well as supplemental heating for Spring and Fall when you need just a touch of heat. Increased efficiency will also help reduce energy bills. When we came out to see this home, we knew right away that Mitsubishi ductless would be a great solution to give our homeowner the comfort she craved, while also reducing her energy bills all year long!
Mitsubishi Ductless heating and cooling systems are perfect for homes like this one because they can create separate zones of heating and cooling, right where you want it. A single outdoor condenser unit can be used to provide cooling comfort or toasty heat with up to eight indoor units, known as cassettes, typically mounted on the wall or ceiling. Each unit is separately controlled with a remote, or you can add a wireless option, allowing you to control the units with an app on your phone! Each unit can be adjusted, or even turned off, so you only use the energy you need to get the comfort you want, when you want it. For this home, we wanted to make sure the homeowner got the quiet night sleep she craved, as well as enjoying comfort throughout the home. We recommended three zones of heating and cooling- one for the master bedroom, one for the downstairs dining room, and a third ceiling- mounted unit, that would help heat and cool those in between areas in the home. We designed this Mitsubishi ductless system so that it will provide state of the art air conditioning, and it will also supply that touch of heat you might want on a damp Spring day or frosty Fall morning, when you don’t want- or need- heat in the whole home, but a touch of heat right where you need it is terrific! For many of our customers, being able to add that touch of heat especially in the fall and Spring means they can delay turning on the heat for the whole home for weeks – saving a lot of money on energy bills! In fact, the ability to have that heat- or cooling- just where you want, rather than having to heat or cool the whole house to the same temperature ends up to considerable saving in energy use that homeowners notice right away.
As you can see from the pictures, the ceiling unit in the second floor hallway will provide heat or cool air throughout the second floor. But for added comfort, especially in the heat of summer, we placed a separate unit in the Master Bedroom. Running at only 22db, whisper quiet, it will ensure our homeowner gets a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep, every day of the year. And with the remote, she can even adjust the temperature before getting out of bed in the morning, to make sure she never has to dash across a cold bedroom when getting ready in the morning. In order to make the downstairs more comfortable, our homeowner opted for another wall mounted unit in the dining room, that will be able to distribute hot or cool air throughout the first floor. Using state of the art sensor technology, Mitsubishi ductless units are able to monitor both the heat and humidity in a space, and adjust accordingly, distributing hot or cool air throughout the area evenly, eliminating hot and cold spots. They also employ inverter technology, allowing them to use the minimal amount of energy needed to keep the comfort level constant, without causing a surge in energy bills! And if our homeowner ever decides she’d like additional comfort in the kitchen or elsewhere in the home, it’s simple to add additional zones of comfort cost-effectively by adding a new cassette wherever extra comfort is needed.
Best of all, because of the outstanding energy efficiency of Mitsubishi Electric Ductless systems, our homeowner qualified for a $900 rebate, making this solution a great way to save money while getting state of the art comfort throughout her home. And as Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors, our installations come with a twelve year warranty, ensuring our homeowner will have many years of worry-free reliable comfort, no matter what mother Nature dishes out. If you have an older home that could use added comfort, give us a call here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning. We can design a solution that will bring you the comfort you crave, and allow you to ditch those heavy, noisy and inefficient window ac units for good!