Daikin Heat Pump Installation In Mundelein, IL Home

Daikin Heat Pump Installation In Mundelein, IL HomeA couple was experiencing hot and cold spots in their Mundelein, IL home. Their existing resistive heating source just couldn’t keep up with the temperatures in the cold and windy winter months. And the wall-mounted air conditioner that they used in the summer months left large sections of their home stifling hot. They decided that they needed an upgrade to their heating and air conditioning system. 

I’ve been working with Daikin systems for years, and designing HVAC systems for even longer. In my last year of service, I completed HVAC technician school, and soon started Compass Heating and Air with my amazing wife. Between the years of experience, plus continued training and certifications, I feel pretty comfortable taking care of comfort problems in homes and businesses in our area. 

When we got the call, here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning, to help them solve their comfort problem, a thorough assessment revealed just what they needed – a 2-zone Daikin MXL low ambient ductless heat pump. In this article, we will tell you why they chose Daikin, and the benefits that come along with a ductless system. 

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Comfort Problems Around The Home

“There is a right fit for every need”, sounds like a bold claim. But here at Compass, we specialize in being able to assess every situation and every desired outcome individually to come up with the exact right system to meet the need.

In this case, our homeowner was using a resistive electric heat source. Think baseboard heaters or an electric furnace. Their existing heating system was producing hot spots near the source and cold spots the further away you got from the source. And to make matters worse, as the heaters were struggling to keep up with the temperature setting, our homeowner’s electric costs were going through the roof.

In the summer months, they had a wall-mounted air conditioner that could only effectively cool one section of the house. And – it was not able to do anything about the excess humidity typical in the hottest summer months.

Choosing A Ductless HVAC Solution

This Daikin Mini Split Will Keep The Kitchen ComfortableOur Compass technicians conducted a complete home audit. Based on our findings, we recommended a Daikin 2-zone MXL low ambient ductless heat pump.

In this situation, our customers needed to supplement the heating system that they already had. The wall-mounted Daikin unit was perfect for this task. We installed it in the open kitchen area in a very attractive stainless finish. It blended right in with the appliances. And since the MXL is a ductless heat pump, we were able to install it in a few hours with no invasive ductwork to install.

Since our homeowners also experienced inadequate heating and almost no cooling in the bedroom, we recommended adding an additional air handler in the bedroom. We were able to even out their year-round comfort levels and no doubt improved their ability to get a good night’s sleep.

The outside compressor has a slim profile that fits close to the house. In this case, since we are in Illinois, susceptible to bouts of heavy snow, we elevated it slightly on a stand to keep the unit clear of any obstructions that might interfere with its operation and efficiency.

As you can see from the photographs of the finished installation, the compressor is so compact that it can be neatly camouflaged with some, low-profile plantings.

Ductless Heats And Cools

A ductless mini split has the ability to handle both heating and cooling. Plus the cooling function also acts as a dehumidifier. That is something that you don’t get with a wall-mounted air conditioner.

Plus, the Daikin system is designed to act as a stand-alone system or in this case, can operate as a supplemental heat and cooling source. Integrated with a variable-speed inverter compressor, Daikin systems deliver the capacity required to maintain desired room conditions, typically reducing energy consumption by up to 30% or more (compared to traditional fixed-speed ducted systems). This technology minimizes temperature fluctuations and provides continuous cooling and heating comfort.

Our homeowners were thrilled with the newly found comfort that this system gave them. They did not need to go through messy construction and they are now able to not rely so heavily on the existing system.

The programmable thermostat of the Daikin system allows our homeowners to change the settings on their thermostat when they are not at home to save additional energy costs. Plus, since their Daikin MXL low ambient ductless heat pump is energy efficient, it’s going to reduce their energy costs significantly.

Ductless Mini Split Installation In Mundelein, IL

If you have a home that has hot and cold spots or other heating and cooling challenges, give us a call here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning. Our expert technicians will listen to your concerns and questions, and give you an honest appraisal of your best options.

We have installed many different types of systems, from ductless to traditional and more. If you have any questions about your home comfort, we are glad to help!