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Daikin ductless mini splits offer the most effective, and most exceptional, heating and cooling for your Fox River Valley Home. Whether you’re treating one room or upgrading the comfort throughout the entire house, a Daikin ductless mini split provides outstanding year-round comfort. And, it can lower your energy bill by up to 40 percent.

Daikin Ductless Near Elgin IL

What Is Daikin Ductless?

A Daikin ductless mini split system provides quiet, customizable, and energy-efficient heating & cooling to one room, your whole home, or anything in between.

Ductless For Split-Level Homes

Classic suburban homes look great but don’t always feel great. Uneven airflow results in rooms that are too hot or too cold. Daikin ductless mini splits fix the problem.
Ductless Heats And Cools
These aren’t your grandfather’s heat pumps! A Daikin mini split keeps you warm during the coldest Fox River Valley nights and cool on the hottest summer days.
Fox River Valley Case Studies
Read real stories of Fox River Valley homeowners who improved their home comfort and reduced their energy bills with Daikin ductless mini split installations.
What Does A Mini Split Cost?
The price of your customized Daikin ductless mini split depends on the size of your home, its layout, how many rooms you’re treating, and other factors.
Financing And Rebates
Never pay full price for state-of-the-art healing and cooling! Financing, tax credits, manufacturer rebates, and ComEd incentives make comfort affordablet.
Compass Heating & Air Is Here To Help!
You’re already on your way toward a more comfortable, energy-efficient Fox River Valley home. Compass Heating and Air helps you create a customized ductless mini split system that will make your home look and feel just the way you’ve always wanted it.
Whole-Home Comfort
Have you ever wanted to customize the temperature in each room of your Fox River Valley home? Or finally get a nice, even temperature all year-round, across the entire home? With a Daikin ductless mini split, the choice is yours!
Addition, Garages, And Sunrooms
Add excellent heating and cooling to an addition without going over budget. Make your garage rec room or workshop comfortable no matter what. Or, turn that three-season room into a year-round comfort oasis. With ductless, you can do it all.
Renovations And New Construction
With a small footprint and easy installation, Daikin ductless can work around any new construction or renovation design. Plus, a comfortable, energy-efficient mini split instantly adds value and equity to your new or new-and-improved home.
Luxury Homes
Make your luxury home feel as good as it looks with an upgrade to Daikin ductless mini split heating and cooling for superior comfort throughout the house
Light Commercial
Can you reduce expenses and protect your assets while keeping your customers and staff comfortable? With Daikin ductless, you can! Mini splits offering exceptional, energy-efficient climate control are all over Fox River Valley restaurants and retail spaces.
Supplement Your Existing System
Is your home’s heating and cooling system good but not great? A ductless mini split can address those limitations without requiring a new whole-home system.
Complete Control Over Your Comfort
Thanks to easy-to-use remote controls and intuitive apps for all your smart devices, you can change, schedule, or program your home’s heating and cooling system from anywhere with a mobile or wi-fi connection.
Examples In Your Neighborhood
From Barrington and Carpentersville to Elgin and Carol Stream, Daikin mini splits are everywhere! See how we’ve helped keep your neighbors comfortable all year-round.


Problem: The family room, where the homeowners spent a lot of time, was cold in winter and had no AC.

Solution: Installed a single-zone mini split to treat this room separately from the rest of the house.

Melrose Park

Problem: A split-level home didn’t have good cooling, and the finished basement was damp and clammy.

Solution: Installed a two-zone mini split to treat hot spots in the house and add comfort in the basement.

Fox River Grove

Problem: Window air conditioners were expensive to run and a hassle to install every spring.

Solution: Installed a multi-zone mini split to cool the home and add supplemental heating in fall and spring.