Installing A Daikin Ductless Mutli-Zone System In Hampshire, ILInstalling A Multi-Zone Ductless System In Hampshire, IL

One of the funny things about our area is how different homes are designed. Even certain homes on the same street have different sizes, layouts, designs, etc. As an HVAC contractor, it means we have to be ready to adapt to each home, and come up with a solution to keep the place comfortable. For this Hampshire, IL home, they already had the heating situation taken care of, but needed help with air conditioning for the summer.

This home was built with a hot water boiler for radiant heating, but was not built with an air conditioning system. They had been using temporary cooling solutions, like window AC units, but those got old quickly. They were too loud, and they also sucked up energy. The energy bills were too high, and the cooling was uneven and uncomfortable. It also made them sacrifice windows around the home to install these units.

Using Daikin Ductless For AC

The homeowners decided to go with a Daikin MXS multi-zone ductless system. We installed 3 ductless mini splits into different zones around the house, one Daikin Emura system in the living room, with 2 standard mini splits in the bedrooms. This setup will allow them to keep every space cool, and treat them independently. We’ll get into that a bit more later.

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Why Choose Ductless?

Ductless mini splits have a ton of incredible benefits, and there were a lot of reasons that these homeowners decided to choose ductless.

They Require No Ductwork

This Daikin Emura System Will Keep The Living Room CoolJust like the name implies, ductless mini splits require no ductwork. They use a condenser outside that is attached to the heads, or cassettes, inside by a small piece of tubing. Traditional HVAC systems use ducts to deliver heated or cooled air from the system to each space in the home.

This house uses radiator heating and didn’t have any ductwork installed. Installing ducts would have been a bit more invasive, expensive, and time-consuming. Instead, they decided to go with the option that didn’t require any major alterations to the home.

Whisper Quiet

Ductless Mini Splits are whisper quiet, reaching down to 20-30 decibels. This is about the sound of a ticking watch or leaves rustling. Window AC units come in at about 50-60 decibels. The difference is very noticeable and makes for a much better home environment. You don’t have to turn the TV up, and speak over a droning machine in the corner of the room.

Energy Efficiency

Ductless mini splits are extremely energy efficient. These systems operate using heat pump technology and can run more efficiently than almost any air conditioning system. The energy efficient technology, coupled with the multi-zone capabilities will help them reduce their cooling bills from when they were using window units.

What Is Multi-Zone Air Conditioning?

This Daikin System Will Keep The Bedroom CoolMulti-zone air conditioning is when you split your space into multiple zones, and are able to cool them all independently of each other. With a traditional ducted AC, you would set the thermostat, and the temperature would be consistent throughout the house (at least you hope so). Instead, with a multi-zone ductless system, you can have each zone set to its own temperature. The living room can be set at 71, while one bedroom is at 74, and the other isn’t on, because that’s a room that isn’t being used.

This is a great way to make sure each person is happy with the temperature in their space, and also save energy and money. Instead of wasting energy keeping unused rooms cold, the multi-zone system will allow these homeowners to save that energy, and bring their monthly cooling bills down.

Installing Ductless Mini Splits In Hampshire, IL

Now that this system is installed, the homeowners have customized cooling throughout the house. They can even use an app on their phone to control each zone, and make sure the bedroom is perfectly cool when it’s time to go to bed. If you need a little help with your air conditioning, give us a call at (630) 504-8688, or click here to contact us online. An expert will be able to help you choose the right system that keeps you cool and comfortable, without running up the energy bills!