Using A Ductless Mini Split Fix An Uncomfortable Room

Using A Ductless Mini Split Fix An Uncomfortable RoomDuctless mini splits are the perfect HVAC system to fix an uncomfortable room. We come across a lot of homes that have a room which simply never gets comfortable. In lots of cases, it’s a bedroom that stays too warm in the summer, or a basement that doesn’t heat up in the winter. 

In my time working in the HVAC industry, I’ve seen lots of homes with this issue. In some cases, it’s a simple adjustment of ductwork that fixes the problem. In other cases, the homeowner may opt for a completely different HVAC system. We want to discuss using a ductless mini split as a supplement to a current HVAC system that is still working properly. 

In this article, I’ll go over why ductless mini splits are the perfect HVAC system to fix the temperature in a specific room, and the benefits that come along with this type of system. 

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Using A Ductless Mini Split As A Supplement

In this article, we want to focus on using ductless mini splits to supplement a current HVAC system. For example, there may be a space in a home that never seems to stay comfortable, but the rest of the house is perfectly fine. In this case, you may not want to spend over $10K in order to replace the entire HVAC system. 

Instead, installing a ductless mini split to take care of that specific room could be a better option. For one, it’s going to be much less expensive than replacing the entire HVAC system. A ductless mini split is no small investment, as they start around $4000, but it’s still far cheaper than replacing the whole HVAC system. 

Using this system will do a few things for you. It will take some stress off your current HVAC system, reducing your energy bill, and likely lengthening your system’s lifespan. It also is going to keep your space comfortable. Instead of avoiding the room that could never stay cool in the winter, you can use that room all year long. 

Case Study: Installing A Ductless Mini Split System In Hampshire, IL 

The Benefits Of Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini splits are becoming popular for homes, restaurants, offices, and more spaces, and for good reason. These systems are some of the most state of the art heat pump technology available. Here are a few benefits of ductless mini splits: 

Superior Comfort

Ductless mini splits provide precise comfort. They use inverter technology, which helps maintain a temperature, rather than having big fluctuations. Traditional HVAC systems usually turn off and on as needed, which can bring the temperature down and back up constantly. Ductless mini splits use a low power mode to run low and slow, keeping the temperature you desire without the swings up and down. 

Can Heat And Cool

Ductless mini splits have the ability to both heat and cool. Unlike lots of other supplemental options, like window ACs and space heaters, these systems can do both. This is great for a few reasons. For one, you don’t need different systems depending on the time of year. This system will take care of it all. 

Secondly, this is great for milder times of year where you may want a LITTLE cooling during the day, and a LITTLE heating at night. During the spring and fall here in Illinois, we can have certain days that are very warm, and the next day can be cold. We all know how that is. These systems can provide that heating and cooling needed in the milder times without having to heat or cool the entire house. 

Energy Efficiency

Ductless mini splits are energy efficient. One of the concerns homeowners may have when installing a supplemental cooling and heating system is that the energy bills will rise. In fact this is usually the opposite of what happens. Because you are relieving the stress and reducing the workload of your current HVAC system, you are able to turn the power down a bit. Because ductless mini splits are so energy efficient, you will likely find that this situation saves on energy bills, rather than raising them. 

No Ductwork Needed

Just like it says in the name, ductless mini splits require no ductwork. This helps alleviate installation costs, and invasive cutting into your home to install ducts. This is also great for additions, sunrooms, garages, and spaces around your home that were designed without ductwork in mind. 

Quiet Operation

Ductless mini splits  operate quietly, reaching 30db max normally, the sound of a whisper or leaves rustling. This is important for bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, etc. Essentially anywhere in the home that you want a little peace and quiet, a system like this will make for a perfect heating and cooling solution. 

Ductless Mini Splits VS Window AC System

Ductless Mini Splits Vs Window AC UnitsIn lots of problem rooms, we see people using window AC units to keep it cooler. It’s understandable, as these systems are cheap and easy to install on your own. But, that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect solution. Outside of the initial price, ductless mini splits hold all the advantages. 

Ductless mini splits are quieter, more energy efficient, and provide better comfort. If you’ve ever sat in a room with a window AC, you know how loud they are, and how they can make certain spaces in the room too cold. If you sit right in front of the system, you are going to be frozen. But then there may be spaces around the room that never stay cool. Lastly, these systems can also heat! A window AC can’t do anything but cool. 

For us, it’s an easy decision to go with a ductless mini split. 

Ductless Mini Splits VS Space Heaters

Space heaters are something we have seen in SO many homes in our area. Chicago winters can be brutal, and we understand that people like to be warm and cozy. Space heaters can be nice, but they come with their own drawbacks as well. 

For starters, they can be dangerous. There are newer models with more safety precautions built in, but on the whole, these systems have caused many fires, and can be a problem. You never want to leave one of these space heaters unattended, which makes it tough to use when going to sleep. 

These systems also have a hard time heating a large space. They usually work well in the general area around it, but as you get further away from the heater, it’s not going to do the trick. Once again, these systems also only provide heating. Ductless mini splits can heat, cool, and do so all very safely and evenly. 

Installing A Ductless Mini Split

Ductless mini splits are generally pretty simple to install, seeing as they require no ductwork, and only require a few components. These systems have a condenser outside, a head or cassette inside, and a bit of tubing that connects the two. In most cases with a supplemental ductless system, it can be installed in half a day. 

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